SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — People who are convicted of drug-related felonies could soon be collecting California food stamps.

The state Assembly approved legislation Monday to lift the ban that prevents drug felons from receiving the federal benefits, known in California as CalFresh.

AB828 passed 46-30 with support only from Democrats, though some voted against the measure. It now heads to the Senate.

Assemblyman SandrDe Swanson, who sponsored the bill, says the people who would benefit from the change have paid their debt to society by serving their prison sentences. The Alameda Democrat hopes the legislation will reduce California’s prison recidivism rate.

Republicans who opposed AB828 said taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be funding convicts, who could misuse the money.

Swanson’s bill would cost the state nothing, but draws down federal dollars to feed approved applicants.

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Comments (16)
  1. marc sac says:

    “Support from only Democrats” I love it! They don’t care, they know these drug dealers wont be around their houses or their kids.

  2. pics123 says:

    So marc sac… since you are so wise, just how long are we supposed to hold a crime against someone who paid their debt to society? Not just talking drug crimes, mind you, but any crime! How long oh wise one should we judge someone who is no longer in prison? How long should we put everyone in a category that suits you?
    Seriously…I really want to know.

    1. marc sac says:

      Here’s your answer, the felon get’s out of prison and if he wants to eat he get’s a job. Is that so far fetched for people to belive that I have to explaine it to you like that? It’s not being wise it’s commen sense.

      1. KaE Ferphun says:

        Really? A felon gets a job? It’s just that easy huh? Not! It’s damn hard for anyone with A conviction to get hired regardless of the crime they were convicted of.

      2. UNDERCOVERAGENT62 says:

        if it was that simple we wouldn’t have so many repeat offenders. what turnip truck did you fall from? Any one that has a simple traffic ticket or bad credit can be denied employment. people like you don’t have a clue , you are probably one who would not hire a felon to clean your yard ( OH THIS PERSON IS A FELON I CAN HAVE HIM AROUND MY FAMILY),

  3. molestedbyelectedofficials says:

    and yet i made too much money for assistance- my wife had to quit her job because her 40 hour a week job still did not cover babysitting/daycare to where it took all of her paycheck and 200 out of mine- i have never been arrested or been i jail- and i am supposed to be happy more of my money is going to felons- you politicians are worse than brother camping- at least he is giving people something to hope for!!!!!!!!!

    1. Retired old Man says:

      Perhaps you should not have had kids you can not afford. to raise.

      1. ron says:

        Tell that to every illegal Alien that’s in the U.S.. O wait!.. we ( the legal taxpayer) pay for their Children’s expenses.

  4. Postone says:

    I don’t know what this article is talking about because in California you can already receive food stamps if you prove you’ve graduated from a drug program. If however you are convicted of selling drugs then you cannot get them as of yet…

  5. Judy says:

    Sure give it to the druggies, ILLEGALS,foreigners, JUST NOT the AMERICAN people who pay for it all with their tax dollars Why? would that change???

    1. Kae Ferphun says:

      As an American ,if you qualify for benefits you receive the benefits. That’s how it works.

  6. do a crime and you will be rewarded says:

    Payed their debt to society? let us look at this. Felons do their time and when in prison we all the taxpayers give them housing,food healthcare and schooling. Now they are out and we the taxpayers again hold their hand and give them food- stamp and more all for doing a crime(wow what a deal happy medium) But you the taxpayer are one that has worked and obey the law and now because of cutbacks you have lost your job and no one is there to hold your hand and to help you out. you have no home no food living in your car all for doing the right thing you payed your taxes to society and this is your reward nothing. get real so we should do a crime so we can get help.

  7. Patti says:

    Geez, as a liberal Democrat I have to say I am kinda with the Republicans on this one. What the …??? This is wrong on so many levels. Let the rehabilitated felons stop depending on taxpayers to bail their stupid a$$es out again! There comes a time in everyone’s life that you have to take responsiblity for your self!! Enough is enough!

  8. Gillgurl says:

    I can only imagine the backlash this is going to cause, put your galoshes on because the sh*t is about to fly on this one.

  9. Kae Ferphun says:

    Let’s clarify. Some comments are using the word “felon” way too loosely. The state of California already provides food stamps to all felons except those that were convicted of drug related offenses.
    I’ve thought that was odd for many years now. Harm another human being go to prison, get out, and go eat.
    But use or sell drugs, go to prison, do your time and/or get clean and sober and you don’t get food stamps anymore. Like all the others convicted of crimes they have paid their debt by serving their sentence. It is not fair to single out one crime when it comes to food stamps. If the child molesters, thieves, and gang bangers can eat so should everyone else. Working in the social service field, I’ve watch many people pull themselves up from the devastation of drug use and live a drug free life. They get hit double hard, because of their record. They get lower paying jobs and can’t receive the same services as the registered sex offenders living down the street. Many of those convicted made a bad decision during their young adult years, have matured now and would make a much different decision now. They are working hard to support their families but sometimes, some of them need a little help.
    I’m not defending the drug users or dealers, just saying this bill just makes things right. Either all felons get foods stamps or no felons get food stamps. We as tax payers pay for it all regardless of the crime committed and sometimes we the tax payers need food stamps too.

  10. Charles says:

    I gave one of my prescription pain patches to a woman who was supposedly a friend of a friend. and who said she was in a lot of pain only to find out that she was a street informant trying to set someone up so that she could get out of some trouble herself. She set me up! I was charged with delivery of a controlled substance and sentenced to 18 months in State prison. Im now a convicted drug felon banned from receiving help…Even though im not an addict or dealer….How many of you have offered someone something to relieve pain or discomfort? Do you think Im the only one who falls under this UNFAIR law NO! Now when I need help the most Im refused and carry a stigma that makes it most difficult to help myself… So all of you self righteous white washed phonies just shut your mouths and the world will be a better place!

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