LOS ANGELES (CBS) – The family of Bryan Stow was expected to file a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Dodgers Tuesday in L.A. Superior Court.

Stow, 42, was brutally beaten in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium on March 31. He was flown to San Francisco General Hospital last week after more than a month of treatment at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. His sister said Sunday he has stopped having seizures but has not regained consciousness, even though he is no longer in a coma.

Stow still was listed in critical condition.

Attorney Thomas V. Girardi is representing the Stow family in the suit that was expected to be filed before noon Tuesday. The lawsuit will reportedly test the Dodgers’ liability for the attack, stating that it took 15 minutes for stadium personnel to respond when they were notified of the beating.

Read the full lawsuit

The Stow family was not suing the Dodgers for a specified amount of money, however, the suit states that it would take $45 to $50 million in medical benefits to give Bryan Stow a good quality of life.

The Los Angeles Police Department has not been named in the case.

Comments (11)
  1. LA Wayz says:

    Ummmm newsflash the Dodgers are broke…..

  2. sally says:

    LA Wayz News Flash Dodgers could have had more security and more lights If it was your family remember you would do the same

    1. Big Ruffus says:

      Sally…shut up.

  3. Just Sayin says:

    Hey Sally it was broad day light you twit…brush up on topic before popping off.

  4. Mike W. says:

    I’d go after the statium security. They are the ones responsable for making sure the patrons safety during events at the establishment.I’d also go after all the assets of the suspects, in addition to making sure they NEVER dee the light of day again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jowls says:

    Sue his friends for not helping.

  6. Hooligans says:

    I think Mr. Stow is a good man, but going to an opponent’s field, he risk it everything especially with Giants’ jersey.. “A NO BRAINER” in LA? LA is full of all good and bad people. Go to England or other European’s countries with Hooligans, even worse and nothing much could be done. I don’t think Mr. Stow will win anything, besides putting these gang bangers back in prison. I also don’t understand why there is so much support money to pay for his medical bills, (the reward I can understand).. but Mr. Stow, he work with a prestige paramedic company he should be covered over 110000% of his medical bills without any help to pay for his medical bills, until those guys hurt him are caught.

  7. LA Dodgers are liable says:

    Regardless of whether or not it was a good idea to wear a giants jersey to the LA hosted game, Bryan Stow paid for his ticket the same as any other fan attending the game wearing a dodgers jersey and he had the right to not be assaulted.
    When the LA Dodgers, SF Giants, Oakland A’s, etc., etc. take money for a ticket to one of their games, they are taking on some liability for the safety of their ticket holders. It is completely reasonable and just to expect the LA Dodgers to pay for his medical costs arising from an assault that took place during an event they charged him admission to attend.

  8. DeeDee says:

    Please not that if they don’t win the law suit against the Dodgers (most likely their insurance will pay) the family will need to get help from the tax payer via medical / medicare, social security, etc. I say that they get as much money as they can because caring for Mr. Stow is not going to be cheap.

  9. Judy says:

    So,Why is the family sueing and not the man involved??Are they going to be buying new cars every other year? live in a mansion and think THEY won the lottery?? This guy was a GIANT fan and at a DODGERS game.He had to be bad mouthing something and got his butt kicked big time by some angry fans.SUE the fans!!!

  10. Michelle says:

    Any position you take on this really doesn’t change the fact that this man is in critical condition. His family will have to take care of him for the rest of his life. He probably will never work again. His family will need to be compensated for the medical bills and lost earnings. And the people who did this should do their time in prison. Since when did it become a crime to be a fan of the opposite team or give anyone the right to hurt someone for it.

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