By Tony Lopez

DAVIS, Calif. (CBS13) — A local veterinarian has launched an unusual service for dogs that is already finding success.

Dr. Lettie Neuhauser-Maclachlan is only the second veterinarian in the state to provide house calls for dog rehabilitation.

While visiting a yellow lab named George, Neuhauser-Maclachlan helped the dog balance his front legs on an inflatable ball to but his weight on his back legs.

“This would help with his core muscles and his hind leg muscles and his balance in general,” she said.

George’s rehab is meant to give him a workout in a familiar setting, which can help in the process, the veterinarian said.

“A lot of dogs are more comfortable at home than they are getting in the car and traveling some place and going in with strangers,” she said.

Another yellow lab, Angie, received a workout meant to strengthen and stimulate her muscles to prepare for leg surgery two weeks from now. With the dog limping from her ailment, Neuhause-Maclachlan uses laser therapy, muscle stimulation and even acupuncture to relieve the pain.

The cost for the service? $125 for the initial 90 minute visit and the same price for subsequent hour long sessions.

Comments (2)
  1. Gary Donnelly says:

    How great and awesome fees too. When our little Buster was poisoned the vet got over 600 dollars for two visits and we still lost him.

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