LIVINGSTON, Calif. (CBS13) — A Central California high school teacher was rearrested for possession of explosives after authorities evacuated the school to search her classroom.

After police interviewed students of 34-year-old Japhia Huhndorf, they found documents that indicated Huhndorf may have been in possession of chemicals not typically found in a chemistry class.

About 1,100 students were evacuated Tuesday while a bomb squad cleared the classroom, and authorities reportedly found nitroglycerin, an extremely unstable and volatile liquid.

A small amount of the substance was detonated by hazmat crews.

Federal investigators have now joined the case.

WATCH: Teacher Arrested For Giving Students Chloroform

Huhndorf was arrested Monday on suspicion of felony child endangerment for allegedly providing chloroform to students.

The chemical can cause feelings of euphoria, but in high levels can cause unconsciousness or even death.

Police said the teacher helped three male students at Livingston High School inhale the anesthetic at least three times over the past five months. They say it happened during after-school study hall sessions.

“The only thing we’ve been able to figure out is the teacher didn’t feel it was an issue. She thought it was okay for them to do that,” said Livingston Police Sgt. Ray Fong.

However, one of the teens who allegedly inhaled the chloroform told CBS13 his teacher is innocent.

“She’s paying the price for our stupidity, the cops are blowing it out of proportion,” said the teen.

He says Hundorph did not know and was not in the room when he tried the drug.

Comments (7)
  1. Concerned Citizen says:


    Just another crazy teacher….

    Hey CBS 13, I’m curious…..

    How come you have not covered the “Gift” scandal over at CalPERS?

    Looks like 49 people are under investigation.


  2. Lance Neufeld says:

    If you are waiting for CBS to grow a conscience and report real news rather than sensationalizing and spreading propaganda, don’t hold your breath. When will people realize that the press has an agenda and will not let the truth get in their way while attempting to acheive it? NBC and ABC are no better, by the way…

  3. my kids says:

    You all are off topic here!!!Why being worried about other things here,when our children are being molested,getting high or at risk of getting blown up!Wth is wrong with these people???

  4. spinout says:

    nitroglycerin is not a bomb.

  5. dontbelieve dontbelieveit says:

    Sure, the cops are blowing it out of proportion – never mind the teacher left them unattended when they were sniffing the chloroform – oh, and the nitroglycerin being around is no big deal either – what damage could that cause….. sarcasm intended

  6. Ed Garland says:

    She is a chemistry teacher. You would expect to find gun powder, dynamite and plastic explosives in her class. The union will get her off.

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