Calif. Teacher Who Stored Explosives In Jail


LIVINGSTON, Calif. (AP) — A Central California chemistry teacher accused of storing an explosive material in her classroom is in jail awaiting formal charges.

Bail has been set at $500,000 for Japhia Huhndorf, who was arrested Wednesday at her Atwater home on suspicion of possessing explosive materials.

It’s the second time this week that the 34-year-old Livingston High School teacher has been arrested. On Monday, she was booked on suspicion of child endangerment for allegedly helping students ingest chloroform.

During the investigation of the chloroform case, police say they discovered that Huhndorf also was storing 4 milliliters of nitroglycerine, an active ingredient for making explosives. The teacher did not tell investigators why she had it in her classroom.

Merced County prosecutors say they have not yet filed charges against Huhndorf.

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  • .Duane

    i guess she’s too ugly to have an affair with her students so she’ll just blow them up. We need the principal and vice principal to monitor their teachers more closely of their teaching skills. She’s a loose canon.

  • ted

    Ingest Chloroform? To what purpose? And without parental consent? This “educator” sounds like she needs some serious retraining, or perhaps find a different career experimenting with Rhesus monkeys rather than minor children.

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