New Denials Regarding Allegations Schwarzenegger Used State-Funded Security To Cover Up Affairs

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — There is yet another explosive response to the National Enquirer that Arnold Schwarzengger used the CHP to escort women into his hotel room. Now, an insider at the Secretary of States is denying it.

The insider says William Taylor worked for them, but would never know the whereabouts of the governor at any given time, but the Enquirer is sticking to its story.

The man at the center of the National Enquirer story is William Douglas Taylor, a former security contractor who according to the article in the tabloid “regularly helped guard governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

CBS13 found his home in Rancho Cordova Thursday, but a man with an Australian accent handling Mr. Taylor’s media requests slipped out until he saw CBS13 cameras and quickly retreated.

“Can you tell me a little bit about what’s going on? Can you leave a crack so at least I can hear you?” asked CBS13 reporter Jonas Tichenor.

He directed CBS13 to contact the National Enquirer, but after some research, CBS13 has uncovered evidence that Mr. Taylor’s story may lack some facts.

In Thursday’s National Enquirer, they released a letter of commendation from the Secretary of States Office aboutTaylor’s work at the office.

Turns out, William Taylor was contracted through a company called “Inter-Con Security” out ofPasadena; they have the contract for security at all state offices.

“Mr. Taylor as part of security would check ID’s, would make sure the doors were locked and that the building was secure,” the letter said.

But the same woman named in the letter of commendation dropped her bombshell to CBS13 saying, “The scope of Mr. Taylor’s work never placed him in a position where he would guard the governor nor have any information of the governor’s whereabouts. I can categorically deny that Mr. Taylor’s work with the Secretary of State ever required interaction with Governor Schwarzenegger at our facilities or any other.  It disturbs me that Mr. Taylor would even make these kinds of claims.”

CBS13 did speak with a representative from Inter-Con Security, and they said that William Taylor indeed worked for them until January 2010.  The letter used in the Enquirer’s story was puzzling to them, and they say it’s the first they’d ever seen or heard about it.

An insider with the former governor’s office also told CBS13 that Inter-Con never was used for any personal security detail, only CHP, even at the Hyatt.


One Comment

  1. redneckwriter says:

    I cannot believe that people would believe anything that rag of a paper would print.

  2. The Blogger says:

    I’m sure more will come forward to get their 15 minutes of fame.

    Stay tuned!

  3. somethingcatchey says:

    So you can say anything, and the National Enquirer will just run with it. Nice to know they fact check! You would hope they would at least have the decency to run a retraction.

  4. grandmanature says:

    CHP hide and coverup everything! Because they know they can get away with it. Check out the web site CHP get away with murder! Civil trial January 2011 enough evidence will come out that Wallng and Coffman should be charged with murder. Michael Walling and Steve Coffman had more of an intent to kill Joey than Joey did to kill them. Thousands of dollors in overtime from creating things to happen when pulling over young men in the middle of the night alone in the country. The dead can not fight for justice its up to the living to do so for them! Justice for Joey! Pray the don’t pull over your son!

  5. cody says:

    Inter-con is the security at the front desk of every state building. Hopefully, they know who is going in and out of the buildings; they may not know exactly where each person is at any given time, but they should know who is in their building, even if the people who are not who they say they are (using false IDs, false reasons for being at the building to begin with, etc).

  6. larrybob says:

    My exCHP father inlaw told some stories. I have little doubt AS took advantage of the system, doesn’t everyone?

  7. sweetpea says:

    Stop knocking my national scandel entertainment regarding polititians it has the genuine stuff and I pay $3.79 for each copy. We are living in a turbulant era and the national Enquirer is right on top of the dung heaps all the time with colorful pictures on every page. American Journalism is fantastict but the N E really gets your dander up or has you in tears every month, however when it goes up to $4.00 an issue I won’t purchase it every month unless A couple of friends will chip in to pay for a copy then we can share it and argue over who gets it first.

    1. N.E. is homeless T.P. says:

      You sound like you’re exactly the mentality and education level the N.E. wants as an audience.

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