Two Men Caught Dismantling Manteca Railroad Tracks Hoping To Cash In On Metal

MANTECA (CBS13) — A pair of thieves spent hours dismantling a section of the Manteca railroad tracks, only to have their plan derailed by a neighboring worker.

 “They have no fear of getting caught, doing this in broad daylight, that’s just crazy,” said an Ace Tomato employee.

A man who didn’t want to appear on camera is one of many Ace Tomato employees working in the yard when he noticed the duo destroying the private railroad line.

“They were stealing the rails and the iron that held the rails together,” he told CBS13.

Working by hand, the men took their time with what had to be a tedious task.

“They were working hard doing it, they were using poles to wedge and pull everything up,” the Ace Tomato employee said.

The two men stripped 100 yards of the tomato company’s track, hoping to get away with a hefty load of iron to then cash in as scrap metal.

But, deputies arrived before the thieves could leave.

“To take parts of a train track, come on, that’s pretty brazen,” said Sgt. Les Garcia, San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department.

The destruction caused a hold up to the Union Pacific line because crews had to check for missing parts.  And deputies say that if the thieves would have stripped the Union Pacific track, just a few feet away, they would have had to answer to the feds.

“If it was their property, they could be seriously facing some federal charges there,” said Sgt. Garcia.

The duo faces a long list of charges; meanwhile the company hopes to repair the damaged track.


One Comment

  1. Ylem says:

    This could easily be two white guys, too. It’s not as if white guys don’t commit crimes but usually when there are no names or photos of the two men, it’s because the Media is trying to keep their race on the down-low. Since the Sargent’s name is Garcia, and this is California, this town is probably has a high percentage of Mexicans.

  2. Andrew says:

    Just like in late Soviet Russia circa 1991+
    Welcome to the USSA, United Socialist States of America.

  3. Hoser says:

    The problem isn’t so much illegal alien as it is illegal combatant. Mexican and Central American ‘gangs’ are killing people here. Why are we treating them like criminals? They are waging war on our streets and recruiting citizens to join foreign forces, often while in prison. Let it go on. It’s almost like Kabul in Oakland and parts of LA. How long before the IEDs happen here? No prison for these guys, instead military prison, trial, and execution by firing squad.

  4. Ork says:

    Obama Oshmama.. You guys act like if we had a different president you wouldn’t be such a loser. Yeah you would still be trash, got it..

    You know how the system works. One party wrecks the country for 8 years & then the other party takes over and wrecks it for 8 more. That’s just how it is.. Get over it.

  5. Gary R says:

    The comments are so funny I forgot what the hell the story was about.

  6. jeff says:

    This whole story is racist.
    First, it’s clear they are illegal Mexicans because the media won’t post the photos – only white people criminal photos are posted.
    Second, these illegal Mexican’s have been downtrodden. According to the rules of “Social Justice”, this stealing of …steel…would NOT be a crime if committed by a downtrodden Mexican.
    After all, us whitey’s DID steal the SW USA from them! Heck, for the sake of “reconquister”, they probably actually do own the railroad anyway. Just ask La Raza (“the race”)!

    1. weaseldog says:

      Actually it’s clear they were Mexicans because the story says they were working very hard.

  7. jeff says:

    My papers are called a “long form birth certificate”…you see, in an instant I can produce proof of which hospital I was born in and the name of the attending physician. Unlike Obama, who took two years to conjure up a photoshopped long form birth certificate.
    On the other hand, let’s be clear: if you are in this country but have origins in another country, specifically Mexico, and you don’t have naturalization or green card, you are committing a crime against the USA. You are stealing our resources, you have no right to be here, and you ARE the problem. Don’t give us some doubletalk about papers to change the discussion.

    1. Gabe says:

      So where did you come from Jeff? Im sure you invaded this country yourself- if thats what youre calling it… And who cares about Obamas birth certificate right- uh, its a little too late to fight that battle even if he wasnt born here dont you think?

  8. Rex James says:

    Had to be Mexicans. Blackies don’t work that hard. They just shoot you and take whatever you have.

  9. firstpoppa says:

    Gives new meaning to “I’ve been working on the railroad”.

    1. Machismo says:

      HA HA HA HA! I hope some of the penelty is making the stupid Bozo’s install the rails back on the track. Hard labor.

      1. weaseldog says:

        They are hard workers. They’d probably take a job laying rails if such jobs existed today.

  10. JT says:

    They probably live in the closest Obamaville.

  11. OCMichael says:

    While it’s true that when crooks like these are White, we generally get not only their names and photos, but we often find out what city block they live on. Black & Brown criminals frequently get a pass – “The soft bigotry of Lowered Expectations”. An unholy combination of Elitist condescension and Liberal Guilt.

    COPPER Thieves tend to be more amusing. They DO tend to be most often Black and Brown people…Particularly after they try cutting into live Power Lines…Rather CRISPY, too.

  12. Lady63 says:

    They wont have any problems working on the chain gang.

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