ELDORADO NATIONAL FOREST (CBS13) — It’s the unofficial start to summer, and still many campgrounds are closed because of the late season snow. But some people aren’t letting below average temperatures stop them from spending the weekend in the high county.

Christina Browning and her husband Chad planned what they thought was a picture perfect camping adventure. But when they arrived to the high country, there was a problem

“We left Citrus Heights at 7 p.m. and wanted to go to Salt Springs Reservoir but it was closed!” said Christina.

They were faced with one unexpected obstacle after another.

“We got blocked in by snow we had to have ladies help push us out, shoved a rock underneath the tire,” said Christina.

The Brownings thought about heading home, but determined to sleep beneath the stars, the Brownings snagged a spot at Pipi campground — one of the few Eldorado National Forest campsites open this holiday weekend.

Christina is piling the blankets high on her tonight to battle the cold. And it’s the cold that led rangers to close more than a half dozen campsites.

Crews worked to clean up toppled trees and other damage fierce spring storms left behind.

“It’s a tradition. We like to get out and play in creeks and rivers. It’s a little cold to do that right now,” said camper Dan Leggette.

Some people plan on leaving before Memorial Day, still others plan on sticking it out.

Comments (3)
  1. Ralph says:

    I can remember camping at PiPi long before it was a popular place to go. Used to hike up to the second set of railroad tracks with my Grand Mother looking for arrow heads. Many fond memories from that area

    1. norcal says:

      God bless your memories that sounds sweet, wish my grandma and i did stuff like that 🙂

  2. bung says:

    i once farted in that forest

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