French Camp Firefighter Facing More Allegations Of Sex At Fire Station

By Jonas Tichenor

FRENCH CAMP (CBS13) — Another woman has come forward telling CBS13 how she had sex with a local firefighter in the French Camp fire station while he was on duty.

It’s not he first time we’ve heard a story like this about this firefighter, and he still has his job.

Brandon Wilson was reinstated just last week. But some people say that reinstating Brandon Wilson to protect the people of French Camp is a big mistake.

Last week a confidential investigation regarding internal accusations against the French Camp Fire District brought the story to light. Brandon Wilson is accused of having sex in an engine while on the clock.

“I think he’s disgusting, he’s a complete womanizer,” said the woman who claims had sex with Wilson.

Another woman is coming forward saying she too was involved with Wilson while he was supposed to be working. She asked us to protect her identity

“I knew it was wrong. I shouldn’t have done it, but he knows the ropes,” she said.

She says Wilson was a master at the game; always the same, telling this and other women his children belonged to his sister who was in prison and that he was given custody.

“That alone right there shows you what a disgusting person that is. You’re not even claiming your own children to try and get what you want. What does that say about you?” she said.

When asked if this might be a case of a jilted lover angry over the end of the relationship, the woman says that’s not the reason because she wasn’t the only one.

“It’s not like it was just me. He did this to numerous people. The fact that he did that is nothing against that it didn’t end well,” she said. “The fact that his co-workers and board members knew all of these problems and the fact that they voted to have him back in there…I mean, who are you thinking of? You’re not thinking of the community in any way.”

I did speak with a member of the district board who said they were not commenting on the new allegations in terms of when Wilson will begin work. We were told that is being worked out with the Chief Paul Tualla.

We tried again today to reach Brandon Wilson for comment, but none of our calls were returned.


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