By Steve Large

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — Police investigators uncovered a crime in South Lake Tahoe that involved a drugged candy. It’s a type of drug bust they’ve never heard of before at the El Dorado County Jail. This one involves gummi bears.

They already come in all kinds of colors and are sold by the dozens. Now they can apparently give you more than just a sugar rush.

Call it a twist on a popular treat. This bag promises “a rainbow of delicious fruit flavors.” But eat one of John Morrissey’s psychedelic gummi bears, and you could end up seeing a double rainbow.

“Never heard of LSD-laced gummi bears, that’s appalling,” said Laurel Purewal, a neighbor of Morrissey.

Cops arrested Morrissey, 29, at his home after a raid allegedly found him growing more than 90 pounds of marijuana, selling hallucinogenic mushrooms and then pointing police to his gummi bears that he admitted were in the house.

Commander Jeff Catchings was on the narcotics enforcement team that arrested him, and said this is the first time he’s ever seen this.

Morrisey has bailed out of jail, but declined our request for an interview. Outside his sizable home there are children’s toys, but it’s unclear if kids had access to the tainted candy. Morrissey had already lost custody of them before his arrest.

Neighbors say they’ve never seen drug dealing here.

It’s a wonderful family neighborhood; really a charming place,” said.

Morrissey told police he was planning on giving the acid-laced candy to some girlfriends at a party.

“We’ve seen methamphetamine-laced with Kool-Aid to give it a bigger selling affect, so maybe this is the dame thing,” said Catchings.

Police say Morrissey was an out-of-work plumber before he got involved in allegedly selling drugs and getting caught with his illegal gummi bears.

  1. TAhoelocal says:

    THis entire article is full of false information, its scary to think what is puublished for people to read can be so misleading

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