SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Local restaurants and retailers are being warned about bogus bills being passed in Midtown Sacramento.

Last week, R-15 restaurant took $300 worth of fake $20 bills, and a few fake $100 bills as well. 

Managers say the bills are surprisingly high quality, and the counterfeit detected pens don’t work.

“It’s mostly a bar thing; I think people come in and they want to do a quick transaction, get it done, and they think people aren’t paying attention,” says one R-15 employee.

R-15 has since added a new counterfeit detection system that uses black light to check for proper markings.

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  1. Old technology wins says:

    That is because with more technology, the perps can whitewash the paper & then print whatever bill they want. The easiest way to detect a counterfeit bill is to rub the front across a white sheet of paper. The ink used in real money never dries. Ask any one who counts money for a living. They will tell you that thier fingers get completely black because of the constant contact with the ink on the bills.

  2. Ginna says:

    Or they can hold the bill up at an angle to a light. It’s really quick if you know where to look for the printed stripe that indicates which bill it’s meant to be. The pens haven’t worked for years. If the bill is a bleached out $1, it’ll still show as real. The lights are never bright enough to light up the markings either.

  3. Primetime Editorials says:

    this is pathetic
    people need to slow down and think before they act

  4. The Blogger says:

    This is just a sign of the times. People are out of work & resorting to crime.

  5. Tyrone says:

    bars and clubs charge $12 for a drink who is ripping who off.

  6. Ahren9 says:

    When I was working at the Arco on Adren Way a lady gave me a fake $1 bill in between her other bills. Yes, I said a fake $1 bill.

    1. Ginna says:

      Think about it…if something comes out to $5.03 and you hand the clerk $6, if the $1 is counterfeit, you just pocketed $0.97. Do it enough times and it adds up quickly. People don’t realize how much a counterfeit small bill will work when most cash handling employees are taught to check $20s and higher, but they don’t check $5s or $1s. “I need change for a $1. Laundry day, gotta love quarters!”. Simple. It’d almost be better if we had what New Zealand has. Their paper money doesn’t have the same size or color. A $5 is a different size and color than their $10, so on and so forth. Their $1 is a coin and so is their $2.

  7. kanakasue says:

    not very much of a takr…..waitresses and bartenders don’t care. they want the tip.

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