San Francisco Giants’ General Manager Brian Sabean had some harsh words for Marlins’ outfielder Scott Cousins yesterday, and Grant wasn’t about to let that kind of tomfoolery pass on a Friday.

Callers had mixed opinions through the first hour and a half about whether or not Cousins’ collision with Buster Posey was a clean play, which led to Grant’s Rant for today – calling out Brian Sabean for being out-of-line.

Somehow, the second hour devolved into an All-Request Friday, with Grant replaying two of his classic sound clips – the SportClips promo that was ruined by a Joba Chamberlain meltdown – and Grant’s Rant about the fat girl on the airplane.

In the final hour, Grant had three great interviews to close out the week.

NHL great Mark Messier talks Stanley Cup Playoffs and how much Canada is relying the Vancouver Canucks to bring The Cup back to the country. Messier also discusses how the league has changed since his playing days and what the ’94 Championship with the Rangers meant to New York.

Fox Sports Baseball Broadcaster Kenny Albert is in California to call Saturday’s Giants/Rockies matchup. He spent some time with Grant Napear to discuss the upcoming game and, of course, the Buster Posey injury and Brian Sabean’s comments.

Finally, Kings’ legend Mitch Richmond joined Grant to reminisce about the old days in Sacramento and talks about the old Arco crowds, the upcoming Kings barbecue, and even plays the what-if game about the Run TMC Warriors’ squad of the early ’90s.


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