SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California’s ethics commission has rejected a request by Los Angeles Democrats to investigate whether former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger violated state laws during his affair with a housekeeper — a relationship that produced a child he hid from his wife for years.

The Fair Political Practices Commission told attorneys for the Los Angeles County Democratic Party that they wouldn’t look into allegations that Schwarzenegger violated the state Political Reform Act, which governs campaign finances.

Executive Director Roman Porter wrote that the information the party provided was insufficient to establish that the former governor used campaign money to carry out the affair.

Party Chairman Eric Bauman told the Los Angeles Times Monday that he’s disappointed but not surprised by the decision. He also acknowledged that the party has no specific allegations.

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Comments (8)
  1. MACE says:

    Why aren’t they investigating him? They investigated that BLACK MAYOR from Detroit…LOL racism at its finest!!! GOOD OLE BOYS CLUB

  2. Gryphon says:

    Oh Please! The guy was a joke when he was elected and continued as a joke during his time in Office. Now he is gone. He left in disgrace and his life in tatters. That’s enough.

    1. Grow some Balls Gryphon says:

      Your such a Weenie…………

  3. billie aldridge says:

    And where did he get the medal of meart ?

  4. Arnie Paid Them Off Again..... says:

    And how much $$$ did that cost him for them not to probe into his using fund money to support his mistress & his “love child”????? And to use his staff to help cover it up???

    This can not be let go. This must be looked into and dealt with. This can not just be swept under the rug and forgotten. He stole our money and used it for his own sexual pleasures… And we paid for it…..

    What I want to know now is, who is on the take and will some one look into that???

    He sure took us for a sweet ride…..

  5. somethingcatcher says:

    @ MACE

    there was a little more too that one. Kilpatrick was mega dirty.

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