ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) – The Dry Creek School District admission application will no longer pose questions to parents about how their children were born.

A section near the top of the district’s health form has asked for intimate details about the way the prospective student was delivered for the past two years, drawing criticism from a mother who said the questions had no bearing on her children’s education.

“I don’t feel a school district should ask if a child is delivered vaginally or C-Section,” Heather told CBS13 last week.

Superintendent Mark Geyer said Monday the question was meant to identify if a child was at risk for health issues like diabetes and seizures and to help understand learning disabilities.

Research from a few years ago indicated the way a child was born could affect both, but Geyer said newer studies show the factor may not be as important as once thought.

“The body of research that exists right now is that there are probably other factors that are more significant,” he said.

Geyer didn’t offer specifics on how the information has been used since the questions were added to the form, but added, “there were students that were identified or at least screened as a precautionary measure who came up with having some kind of health problem.”

Geyer said he didn’t know for sure who added the question to the form to begin with.

Comments (6)
  1. Retired old Guy says:

    The district is so wrong in asing thies questions and getting involved in diagnosing potential health issues with the student. Teach the basics and leave health care to parents and their doctors.

  2. rick says:

    They still should ask illegal Aliens how many more Children they will be having, So we can figure out what city to cut police officers, Firefighters, etc Because illegal Alien Criminals come first!

  3. ShootThemOnSight says:

    Honestly sometimes I wish my wife and I were illegal.That way we could still work and collect welfare.I could basically get 2 checks without the government ever knowing or atleast I could get foodstamps and healthcare for my kids instead of having to pay for it. I don’t understand how sometimes these
    programs work like this for illegals but somebody who pays tax’s and does everything right would be denied. Theres plenty of reasons we should
    check people if their legal and by not doing so we’ll never come ahead in this state or country. California is gone and the hard working legal people will never get it back from the Democratic illegal loving oblivious morons that have taken
    over this state.

  4. SacCitizen says:

    Wow, look what one mom can do because she used her voice. We should all be so brave to question what appears wrong. What is disturbing is the Super said he did not know how the question got there, but it had been there for years. When did he get elected? He should at minimum know what is on the enrollment forms of his school. I would have liked an answer to how that information was used and who else received it. Was that covered? This question and all the developmental question were VERY unacceptable for a school to ask. Keep it between you, your family and your doctors people. The school has no business doing health research

  5. Ana says:

    That question is usually asked in helping determine if a child meets the criteria for an educational disability. I’ve never seen it asked on a registration form. I’ve also never seen it asked alone that way, meaning, there are usually other questions asked along with that question. Was the child delivered via C-section due to complications during the birthing process. I noticed they shortened it to just Vaginal Delivery or C-section and Why? The Why has more to do with birth complications that could have led to birth defects which IS related to educational needs if a child is struggling academically. Furthermore, I’ve only ever seen it when there is a concern and an evaluation is being done. The earlier a child can receive educational support services due to congenital problems. Showing a history and reasons for the delays is important. Again, I’m shocked they have it on the registration form, but I understand that that information can lead to a better understanding DURING an evaluation and for the purposes of figuring out WHY the child is experiencing delays.

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