Today Grant starts off with fan reaction to the Warriors hiring of Mark Jackson as head coach. Which gets a little heated when a caller says something stupid. Next, Matt Steinmetz from CSN Bay Area talks to Grant about the Warriors new head coach Mark Jackson, and assistant coach Michael Malone.

In the second hour Grant does a rant on the NHL Stanley Cup finals violent hits, Matt Barrows, 49ers beat writer for the Bee, joins the show to talk about the 49ers off season workouts and Michael Crabtree sitting out of Alex Smith led workouts for the team.

In the final hour, Dallas Sartz former USC Trojan QB comes on the show to talk about the BCS ruling yesterday that stripped USC of their 2004 Championship. His new career coaching at UC Davis and new precautions to prevent concussions in the high school and college programs. Then Grant takes some more phone calls and reads the latest tweets of the day with the Bacon Bits segment.


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