GRANITE BAY (CBS13) — A single-car crash in Granite Bay Tuesday created quite a mess and sent one person to the hospital.

The crash happened at Douglas Boulevard and Barton Road. Police say the 7 series BMW was traveling on Douglas Boulevard when it lost control and slammed into the fire hydrant, breaking it loose and sending water 75 feet into the air.

The car reportedly flipped, trapping the driver.

Investigators aren’t saying whether speed or alcohol was a factor in the crash.

Comments (3)
  1. james says:

    Of Course speed nor alcohol were a factor. It was the hydrant’s fault.

  2. perfectgranitebayresident says:

    I don’t believe it, nothing bad is allowed to happen in Granite Bay……….we are all perfect

    1. James says:

      You are all perfect, with the exception of your darn fire hydrants. They are concidered evil and will jump right out ot you without notice.

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