STOCKTON, Calif. (CBS13) – A mother who just moved into a Stockton neighborhood was shot while bathing her child last week.

Kelley Scott said she had just finished giving her two-year-old daughter Kayla a bath when she heard a series of gunshots ring out near her apartment on Gateway Court .

When she felt the impact of a bullet in her back, her instincts kicked in and she moved to cover her daughter.

“I just felt the pain, it was burning,” Kelley said. “My sister crawled towards me and I said, ‘Check to see if I’m bleeding.’”

The bullet lost much of its speed traveling through the apartment wall and didn’t cause serious injury.

“It just wasn’t my time. It hit me and then bounced on her bed,” Kelley said. “I’m glad it hit me and not my daughter.”

The single mother said she and her sister just moved to the apartment last week and knew it was a rough neighborhood, but didn’t think random gunfire would be a threat.

No arrests have been made in the incident.

Comments (2)
  1. Donk26 says:

    That Menniti chick is pretty hot

  2. oakley says:

    praise the lord
    im so glad she wasnt killed or maimed
    we need to stop this violence
    we all we got

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