SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A business group is launching a pilot program Thursday that will test the waters on a bicycle rental service within Sacramento.

The Midtown Business Association is privately funding two self-serve kiosks that will give residents a chance to use a bicycle for brief trips instead of cars.

One kiosk is located near the intersection of 16th Street and I Street, and the second kiosk is located at 28th Street and J Street.

Users will need to swipe their credit cards, but the first half hour of using the bike will be free, with a charge of $2 for each additional half-hour. The bikes have to be returned to the same kiosk.

The service provides a lock, but riders will need their own helmet.

“It’s a small investment in Sacramento,” said Adrian Moore, owner of Ikon Cycle. “I live here, shop here; it’s a good investment to give back to the city I like.”

Moore said he invested $4,000 into the program, paying for a dozen bikes out of his own pocket.

“All of the more cosmopolitan cities in Europe have bike share programs,” he said. “No reason we shouldn’t be investing in small infrastructure improvements like this.”

A program in Washington D.C. has grown to about 100 kiosks, and the system allows users to return the bikes to any kiosk.

The pilot program in Sacramento will run for 6 months, giving businesses a chance to see if the idea will catch on.

Comments (7)
  1. perez says:

    The reason why this is not a good idea is because a lot of bikes have been getting stolen in downtown/midtown. And those that rented the bikes are more than likely going to be charged a good fee for it, even though it isn’t their fault.

  2. BikesKill says:

    Awesome idea! More tagets for me to hit with my car. What is a bike? 100p points if I remember right! Be safe and rent a car you dummies.

  3. larrybob says:

    Sorry, perez, I’d rather wait and see, sounds like a wonder idea is finally brought to Sac.. I look forward to getting a chance to rent from the 16/I unit during a break!

  4. 100Points says:

    LarryBob is soo to be 100 points

    Until bike riders pay for registration of their bikes and some sort of sales tax for street use, stay off my streets. Car drivers pay for the streets and own the streets. Heads up little one…

  5. larrybob says:

    100points I doubt while you’re spread across the seat you’ll be any risk
    Besides, the rule of the auto moblie is dying, you’ll all be whining at the empty pump

    1. LarryBerry says:

      was that a speed bump or your head.. LOL

  6. LarryBerryIsWierd says:

    Larrybob is poor and on the wellfare. I can afford gas for my big SUV larry berry. I love to cut it close to bikers and watch them crash into the bushes. Are you one of those idiots who where tight clothes and think you are in the tour de france. I bet you are! It is cool. I wear my Tony Stewart racing hemlet when I run your skinny butt over. Say hello to my grill baby… LOL Cars wil always beat a bike…

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