SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California kidnapping victim Jaycee Dugard has agreed to give her first interview to veteran broadcast journalist Diane Sawyer.

ABC News reported Wednesday that the World News Tonight anchor plans to tape a conversation with Dugard that will air next month, just before publication of Dugard’s memoir, “A Stolen Life.” An exact date wasn’t provided, but the book is to be released July 12.

Dugard was kidnapped from South Lake Tahoe in 1991, then sexually abused and held captive for 18 years by Phillip and Nancy Garrido. She gave birth to two daughters by Phillip Garrido. The couple pleaded guilty and received lengthy prison sentences last week: 431 years to life for Phillip Garrido and 36 years to life for his wife.

ABC says Sawyer will ask Dugard about her years in captivity, her reunion with her family and her book.

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Comments (8)
  1. I wish Jaycee all the Best says:

    I can not even fathom what Jaycee has gone through. I always thought that I had a rough childhood and young adult life, and then you read about some one like Jaycee, and all of a sudden my problems don’t seem so bad after all…

    My heart goes out to her and her daughters. All victims.

    I hope that if there are others like her in similar situations, find a way to freedom and seek help.

    I had heard about a boy that had happened to. He escaped with shackles still around his ankle. The hell these people went through…. I just can’t imagine. What a nightmare…

    I guess they were the lucky ones… God help the others…

  2. JohnJames says:

    Good for her! I can’t even say what I would have done to these MONSTERS, had they hurt one of my children…..REGARDLESS OF THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!

  3. Blinky says:

    What happened to her 2 kids? does she have them? does she loves them? I wonder? No one talks about them.

    1. Yes, she loves them says:

      Yes, she has the children. Remember when he wanted to see the kids and she took the matter to court and had his rights taken away. She will love those girls till the day she dies. She is their mother.

      They were just as much as a victim as she was. It was not their fault.

      The reason you have heard so little about them is, because they are children and they are trying to protect them and their identities.

      They have to start their lives all over. And not that Jaycee has the money, she will be able to do just that.

      1. I can't spell worth Beans says:

        Guess I need a dictionary…. Duh….

  4. Blinky says:

    Ohh good! i was concerned about them. They are innocent, of course.
    I was just wondering. Thanks for the info.

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