By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – City council members are moving forward with a plan to slash public safety jobs and services to help close a $39 million deficit.

Officials had to set up two overflow rooms for attendees to watch the proceedings after hundreds showed up to speak against the restructuring plan that would lay off at least 200 people, many of whom would be police officers, firefighters and parks department employees.

In a 5-4 vote, the Sacramento City Council voted to accept the plan to trim $12 million from the police budget and $9 million from the fire budget. The final vote on the cuts will take place before the new fiscal year begins on July 1.

About 80 of the layoffs would be sworn police officers and 60 other layoffs would be firefighters.

>> Staff Report: Detailed List Of Proposed Layoffs

Over the past five years of budget reductions, Sacramento has already laid off 200 people and eliminated 900 positions in total — about one in five city employees.

In a tweet Tuesday night, the Sacramento Police Department said the City Council’s decision would result in more than 150 layoffs.

“Although we will no longer be able to provide the level of service, we are committed to continuing to provide quality service when we do respond” said Chief Rick Braziel.

Sacramento is far from the only city facing similar cuts. Including local and state governments across the country, about 100,000 public sector jobs are expected to be eliminated in the next three months.

Comments (12)
  1. Sgt. Schultz! says:

    Great laying off cops? Shuting down the gang unit, narcotics?? Indeed the City of Sacramento is being run by a hood rat and his cronies!!

    1. Old Pa. says:

      Sgt. Schultz I agree,Sacramento is so backwards in it’s thinking its no wonder people from other cities laugh at Sacramento. COW TOWN thinking and they are looking to build a new arena when they can’t even keep a cop of firefighter employed??? Hood rats living up to the stereotype and you know what I’m saying.

      1. Matt says:

        Police salaries have nothing to do with arena financing. Apples and Oranges!! If the money isn’t there City employees have to go…simple as that…same as MANY other cities so the Cow Town reference is just plain stupid.

      2. bzbee5000 says:

        To Matt: If the City can’t fund police and fire protection, there is NO WAY it can pay for an arena, apples, or oranges. If there’s no money, it can’t be spent. Borrowing or burdening future generations w/taxes to pay for an arena instead of police and fire protection is totally unacceptable. Lack of funds isn’t about apples and oranges, it’s about accounting for how city residents’ taxes are spent! Go juggle elsewhere! Old Pa is on the right track.

  2. Tom says:

    Well if you people would stop giving those millions of dollars of free aid free school free housing free medical to all these illegals fire fighters and policeman and woman wouldn’t loose there jobs .I could go on but there is to many liberals in this state who feel illegals are more important than Americans.

  3. H. Tokugawa says:

    It goes against logic. Other cities in the state face similar problems; yet, were wise enough to cut the “fluff” and pet projects (a new sports arena would fall into that category). You keep and support basic services, police, fire, medical and thus provide for the safety of the community. Then you reduce redundant or superfluous employees and non-essential programs/services. However, Sacramento doesn’t seem to get it. Really, it’s time to re-examine the City Council and the Office of Mayor and replace them.

    1. Matt says:

      How does the sports arena even get into this conversation. This is GENERAL FUND money being spend RIGHT NOW…not bonds/future service taxes…that will not be spent for OVER a year. Payback of bonds is probably two to four years out. Bringing up the arena just shows your ignorance to this matter.

  4. Mike DuBois says:

    It’s not just Sacramento. Municipalities and Public agencies all over are broke…. I work for a Public water agency and will be laid off Friday. There just isn’t the money. Empty houses don’t pay taxes or water bills. Raising rates aren’t feasible and the employed should not be punished just because they are fortunate enough to still have a job.
    Somebody needs to explain to me what “fluff” they think should go. Every job we had was deemed necessary and contributed to the agencies mission, at least in our situation. It’s a tough situation, with no easy answer. Layoffs are the easiest means to cut cost.

    1. Tom says:

      Well Mike the easiest thing to do would be to not spend the 28.1 BILLION dollars on free services for illegal aliens in this state this year send them back to where came from and you would all keep your job Right .

  5. Rick says:

    Isn’t this the same city council that voted to boycott business’s in Arizona because of their tough stance on illegal aliens? Glad to see Sacramento has it’s priorities. Pander to illegal aliens and the programs that enable them, all the while laying off police and fire. Every one of these idiots should be voted out of office!

  6. Ken Hamlett says:

    Laying off cops is no loss. \they are a waste of money even in the vest of times. However firefighters are a tremendous asset to \Sacramento and work hard to keep everyone safe. I suggest \a refinement of the cost cutting measures because laying off firefighters will cost everyone dearly.

  7. michael says:

    What happened to the federal money granted for the police department? remember the county got 0 because they could not write a crediable grant request.As if any serious theats would be loged against Sacramento.Who would know and who would care?

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