LeBron James’ disappearing act in Game 4 was a hot topic on Wednesday, with Grant’s callers debating whether or not James showed up for last night’s game.

Mike Breen of NBA on ABC provided further analysis on the game between friendly jabs at Grant. Breen also commented on colleague Mark Jackson’s hiring as the Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors.

Charles Barkley joined the show in the second hour and dished out some of the unique opinions that could only belong to Charles, questioning LeBron’s killer instinct.

Grant also treated the listeners to a Grant’s Rant double-dip, calling out Gilbert Arenas for his profound misunderstanding of image management as well as the Detroit Pistons for considering Isiah Thomas as their next head coach.

After Bacon Bits, Dave Taylor of The Basketball Academy talked to Grant about his upcoming youth basketball camp here in Sacramento. More information can be found at www.thebasketballacademy.com.

  1. Michael LaPlume says:

    Grant, could you please provide you listeners with the phone number to the NFL head office so we can complain about the lock out so we can exspress our feelingd to them

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