SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The state Senate has announced it will meet through the weekend in an attempt to hammer out a compromise for addressing California’s remaining budget deficit, as talks begin in earnest just days before the legislative deadline to pass a spending plan.

To meet lawmakers’ June 15 budget deadline, Democrats have focused on closing most of the $9.6 billion gap by renewing temporary increases in the state sales tax and vehicle license fee enacted two years ago.

The tax hikes are scheduled to expire by June 30. Gov. Jerry Brown wants to extend them until September, when he hopes voters will approve another extension through 2016 in a special election.

Renewing the tax hikes or calling a special election requires two Republican votes in each house, which have yet to materialize.

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Comments (6)
  1. Fred says:

    Sharpen your scissors – there is some cuttin’ to be done

  2. Jim says:

    The liberals must find a way to extract more money through tax increases. They need to fund programs for the losers in life. We can’t compromise their welfare, section 8 housing vouchers, food stamps, medicaid and handouts. The “Makers” must fund the “Takers”.

    1. Fred says:

      The makers are getting rapidly out numbered. Pretty soon there won’t be more blood to squeeze out of the rock

  3. Landsnekt says:

    Please, please, please let the republicans hold out! We need the taxes that were enacted two years ago to go away. California has one of the highest state tax rate per capita in the US. We need Sacramento to understand that money does not grow on trees and you cannot take more from the hard working Californians. The budget is easy to balance but requires some choices that have to be made that certain people in Sacramento are unwilling to make.

    1. Fred says:

      If there was some promise for fixing the mess over the next few years, I would probably support an extension (and those of you that visit here often know I’m quite conservative). We’re in a hole and we need to get out. The problem is that I see no willingness to cut the BS give away programs that got us in the hole. All JB wants to do is kick the can down the road and continue his ultra-liberal, give away social engineering. Cut welfare. Cut ALL assistance to illegal immigrants. Cut BS regulation like this GHG jihad at ARB. Then come and ask me to support a tax extension to get CA solvent. Until then, get stuffed. Maybe we have to let it die to save it.

  4. Rick says:

    Six businesses leave the state of California every week. It’s been going on for years. It’s 25% cheaper to do business in Texas. We can all thank the liberals since it’s their regulations and higher taxes that are causing companies and business to flee the state. Now there is no money to fund the Dems social agenda and social justice nirvana.

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