SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Burning coals in a barbecue are being blamed for a fire that burned the attic and roof at a home in Sacramento overnight.

Family members inside the home on Imran Drive and Bell Street say they heard their smoke detector go off and ran outside of the home to see the home on fire.

Firefighters came to the home and were able to quickly put out the fire.

The home had some minor damage. No one was hurt in the fire.

Comments (4)
  1. Yvonne Travers says:

    Must be a very slow news day here in Sacramento.

  2. Gotta love dumb people says:

    “Honey, don’t worry about those HOT GLOWING coals, they will burn themselves out”. These were the last words heard before the fire.

  3. Jason says:

    Who BBQ’s in an attic anyways?

  4. There is a lot of information about summer fire safety available if only people would read it. Fires like these are preventable and there should be more awareness about summer safety.

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