LOS ANGELES (AP) — California congressional members are asking Gov. Jerry Brown to suspend the state’s participation in a Homeland Security program that aims to deport dangerous criminals.

At a news conference in Los Angeles on Friday, several lawmakers said the Secure Communities program has gone off-track and has snared many illegal immigrants who haven’t committed serious crimes. Congressman Xavier Becerra and others say that’s making immigrants afraid to report crimes and weakening the trust that police have built up with their communities.

Becerra and others sent Brown a letter asking him to suspend the program until the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general reviews it.

The agency’s acting inspector general, Charles Edwards, says he’ll start the review in August, more than a month earlier than previously planned.

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  1. TRACY- ELK GROVE says:


  2. Randy West says:

    So when is being in this country illegally going to be even considered a crime? These guys are upset because ILLEGALS that have not committed crime are getting caught………um they are illegals so yes a crime was committed even if it wasn’t the violent one.

  3. Wayne says:

    Let’s call this what it is, cowardice. These politicians are afraid of losing the Hispanic vote. If you are not here illegally you don’t have anything to worry about. If you are here illegally and get deported come in via the proper legal channels. Problem solved.

    1. grim reaper says:

      Major DITO!

  4. Sara says:

    Not everyone who is illegaly in the US chose to do so. I was brought by my parents at the age of 5 months, and have been living here every since. I have spent my entire life here. Are you all suggesting that I leave my entire life behind here and go to Mexico? I do not have any family members left in Mexico. I could take the easy way out and marry a US citizen to get a green card, but I have choosen not to. Instead I am working, paying taxes, and contributing to this country. We need immigration reform, so that people like me who did not choose to come to this country illegally can someday become legal.

    1. Jowls says:

      Who’s social are you using? You now have the chance to make things right. Go back and enter the United States the legal way. Now you know your parents are criminals.

    2. rick says:

      You too… get the FK out!! Roach

    3. get real says:

      One would think if you have been here all your life and not applied for citizenship by now then yes you should be deported along with your parents. Do YOU consider yourself above the law?

  5. rick says:

    These worthless Mexiroaches MUST GO! They are a burden and a danger to the American people!! and remember…..

    – Jose Angel Gutierrez,
    Professor, University of Texas, Arlington
    Founder of the La Raza Unida political party

    “We have an aging white America.
    They are not making babies. They are dying.
    The explosion is in our population . . .
    They are shi##ing in their pants with fear…I love it.
    We have got to eliminate the gringo,
    and what I mean by that is,
    if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him

  6. Karen says:

    It always make me laugh when I see “ILLEGAL ALIENS” holding up pro immigration signs. They have been coached up by Lulac, La Raza, Mecha and Maldef to just consider themselves as migrants or immigrants. They are neither. They are law breaking illegal aliens.

    To Sara: Your parents are criminals Mexicans need to change their own Country, not invade our Nation illegally! Although you might not now have relatives in Mexico, you will when all the illegals get deported. That day is coming!

  7. J says:

    if it wasn’t for the illegal people we wouldn’t have fresh fruit and vegetables on our homes. non of the people who say there Americans want to work on the fields they rather go on welfare

  8. Wake up America says:

    J, you really are not the sharpest tool in the shed are ya? Last time I checked America had a guest worker program for the legal migrant farm workers(Did you catch that? LEGAL migrant farm workers). WE as Americans do NOT want illegal aliens picking the fruit and by the way let’s talk about all the jobs they have stolen in the construction industry. OR how about the jobs they have stolen in the hotel industry? OR how about the jobs they have stolen in the Restaurant industry? How come YOU NEVER talk about these industries? Is it because you don’t really want us to know the damage to our country you are doing? Can YOU provide ONE VALID REASON WHY AMERICA SHOULD REWARD YOU FOR COMING HERE ILLEGALLY AND BREAKING THE LAW? Please don’t try the tired lie of “you do the jobs Americans won’t do” or “you’re racist” By the way, WHEN did “illegal alien” become a race? America needs to DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS.

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