OLIVEHURST, Calif. (CBS13) – An online video showing a fight between two girls on the last day of school has sparked investigations from school officials and the Sheriff’s department.

The 27 second video shows two teen girls throwing punches on the last day of class at Yuba Gardens Intermediate School last week.

When one of the girls, 14-year-old Chelsi Branham, turned around to pick up her cell phone off the ground, the other girl continued attacking, knocking Branham to the ground while striking and kicking her repeatedly.

Several other girls, including the camera operator who uploaded the clip to YouTube, stood by filming the fight and made no effort to intervene. When a spectator told the attacking teen that Branham wasn’t fighting back, the girl said, “I don’t give a f— if she ain’t fighting.”

Branham said she suffered a concussion and a face contusion during the brawl.

The video spread through social networking sites and racked up hundreds of views before YouTube pulled it down for violating their terms of service.

“Everyone’s just like, I heard you got your ass kicked,” Chelsi said.

The fight came after months of taunting over false rumors that Chelsi had two abortions, she said, and some of her tormentors kept calling her a killer and a murderer. Chelsi said she believes the fight took place on the last day of school so her attackers wouldn’t get in trouble.

Marsyville Joint Unified School District Assistant Superintendent Ramiro Carreon said officials hadn’t heard about the fight until CBS13 asked about it, and called the footage “absolutely disturbing.”

The hospital doctors who treated Chelsi called authorities to report the attack, and the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department said they are now investigating the fight. The teen suspect could face a misdemeanor or felony charge if authorities conclude an assault took place.

School officials said those responsible for the fight may be expelled and other students could face punishment for bullying.

Comments (15)
  1. futurewelfarerecipents says:

    Where are the parents????……………sitting home collecting welfare and smoking their ” medicine”………

  2. nd says:

    27 seconds of fame Wow give em a reality show!

  3. Barbara says:

    beating a 14 year old till she cracks her skull because she may or may not have had an abortion???????
    I hope they do charge the attacker and the one that filmed it along with both parents, maybe these parents will take more of an interest in the kind of human being they raise if they are made to pay for the havok these animals cause.

  4. Randy West says:

    I mean I would hope that the video shows an assault actually did take place. This should be an easy one for the “authorities” one would think………don’t hold your breath though.

  5. FedUp says:

    Assault charges MUST be filed on these kids who are bullies and act on rumors! My child was bullied based on false rumors to the point she stopped doing her schoolwork, became distraught and almost failed school. Bullying comes in both physical and psychological form. The parents of those who bully need to pay more attention to their children unless they want their kids seeing the world through a cell window.

    1. JW says:

      ..parents pay attention to their own children…the parents are probably encouraging this behavior or those little ladies parents would have already brought them down to the police station.

  6. DrewD says:

    Olivehurst? 14 year old girls fighting? 14 year old girl has 2nd abortion?
    This is what crackhead daughters of crackheads do!
    Why is this news?

    1. larrybob says:

      I have a friend that had an abortion, if you touched her I would beat you within a centimeter of your sick life

      1. DrewD says:

        Your mom should have had an abortion. You are the typical internet coward making comments like that!

  7. leeann says:

    DrewD, those abortions were RUMORS. Ugh, who gave this trailer trash internet access? PAY ATTENTION. She was bullied and taunted due to false accusations and apparently some uppity little sow thought she’d take it to the next level.

    1. DrewD says:

      You hurt my feelings. I don’t live in, and never have lived in a trailer(except my camp trailer while camping). I didn’t read the entire article, or even listen to the video. Shame on me.
      Will you please forgive me?

  8. john says:

    I’d expect that from Olivehurst

  9. M80Lady says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. I live near the area & my daughter attends Marysville High. We are currently dealing with a bully from Lindhurst High who showed up with her parents one day at school to record their fight. When one of the Assistant Principal’s went out there he bought the story that the parents & three car loads of kids were there to stop the fight…even with their cell phones in hand. What a joke…I have alerted the local PD & told them that I have given my daughter permission to defend herself & let the school know that since they didn’t want to follow procedures to assist in stopping this child from continually starting stuff (AGAIN because of RUMORS) that I would hold them fully accountable since they were aware of the situation & that I would make the issue a thorn in their side if something happened. I am sure my daughter can hold her own, I just don’t need her getting expelled because some moron’s daughter doesn’t care about their child’s education. Come to find out the girl’s Uncle is a janitor at the school. Again just goes to show that this girl is a product of her environment. It’s actually really sad. I am curious to see how MJUSD handles this one because there is no hope for the parents. If they cared this wouldn’t have gone this far!

  10. larrybob says:

    This is a hate crime by the reglious right

    As our third world culture expands, we will see more chruch justice dealt out by the simple minded followers

  11. Paula Mack says:

    This is very sad….where are the parents in this situation??

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