SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – An eleventh hour maneuver has saved 35 Sacramento police officer’s jobs.
The city council voted last week to lay off more than 80 police officers in order to help cut the city’s $39 million budget deficit.  But the police department says it has received a federal grant exemption that will allow it to keep 35 of those officers.

The grant money had been given to the department on the condition they did not lay off officers.  But the city asked for an exemption to that rule and got it.

The officers will be assigned to downtown patrols.

Comments (2)
  1. Ray says:

    It looks as thou the Federal Gov. saved these jobs not the city and that is just for one more year what are you going to do next are using borrowed money that our grand kids will have pay back it is time to stop all the spending if you really want to save jobs then cut pay and pensions THEN YOU CAN SAY YOU SAVED JOBS other wise you are just stilling our money. if a private company did the things that the Feds States and cities did to cook their books they would be in Jail maybe it is time to hold our Governments in the same standards.

  2. Michael Casey says:

    This story as written makes no sence at all. If, as the article states, the dept. had already recieved the grant money on the condition there would be no lay-offs
    what’s the problem? This is B.S. on so many levels I think my head is going to exlpode! Then on top of that CBS reports it as legit news.

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