SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Over 1,200 guns were seized during in a recent statewide sweep by law enforcement agents.

According to state Attorney General Kamala Harris, 1,209 guns were recently taken from those barred from gun possession and from others deemed to be mentally unstable. The sweep lasted for six weeks and resulted in the seizure of three times as many guns as were seized during a similar sweep in 2007.

But that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the 34,000 handguns guns still in the wrong hands. Harris says Senate Bill 819 would clear the backlog by allowing the state to hire more agents and train law enforcement personnel.

“Seizing guns from felons, gang members and other prohibited persons is the kind of smart, proactive law enforcement that makes a difference in the everyday lives of Californians,” said Harris. “We are all safer thanks to the sworn officers who carried out this sweep and I am committed to strengthening this program.”

In all, 99 agents from the Department of Justice were involved in the sweep that also resulted in the seizure of 155,731 rounds of ammunition and two grenades.

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  1. Hate California says:

    Anything that Kamala Harris says or does is suspect. She is a leftist liberal progressive, and very soft on crime . I had to work with her when she ran the DA’s office in San Francisco. She is ineffective and her people were incompetent. I really lost faith in the voters of California when they elected her as Attorney General, but then again they elected Jerry Brown. At the end of four years we will see how well things are going

  2. gun owner says:

    Perhaps, given California’s current money issues, the state will see fit to sell these guns to law abiding citizens to recoup some of the money they expended to seize them.

  3. Yvonne Travers says:

    This so called “sweep” is meaningless in terms of making California a better place to live.

    California is a shipwreck—–thanks to years of Democrats being in power of it’s legislature.

    1. Jeff Wilson says:

      And yet the people of the State of Welfare that we call California will continue to elect democrats to ruin things.

  4. Tired of CA says:

    “Harris says Senate Bill 819 would clear the backlog by allowing the state to hire more agents and train law enforcement personnel.”

    – Why must we continuously have to train law enforcement officers to do the same job they’ve been doing?

    Firearms Confiscation Class
    Step 1) Find weapon on dirtbag
    Step 2) Take weapon from dirtbag

    Seems very simple!…of course POST is very simple minded…

  5. Kado says:

    All you right wing nuts are hypocrites. And ur gobermint leaders such as arnie, Wilson, and Reagan did no better put together then gov. Brown in a couple of months. The crazy thing is y’all know it

    1. dsfdsafasd says:

      ur a idiot

    2. MrRealityCheck says:

      Kado, are you really that foolish. Do you honestly believe that any of the past Governors (both Republican and Democrat) have really given a damn about you or this state? It’s about power… being in charge. Fixing things might mean they aren’t as needed as before, to “solve the problems”. Pull your head of the democratic mascots rectum, and realize that no one in Sacramento is your friend.

  6. Joe Lafrieda says:

    But, but wait a minute, it’s already *illegal* for those people to have guns. I know, let’s pass *even more* gun control laws, maybe then the criminals will finally start obeying them…..

  7. Hate Kalifornia, too says:

    Kado, coming from a left -wing nut who obviously did not pass 4th grade, I do not think you are in a position to criticize others here who are posting intelligent, righteous and meaningful comments. Not everyone worships your stinking People’s Republic of Kalifornia. And I worked also alongside Kamala’s DA’s office and totally agree with poster “Hate California” in all respects.

  8. pippy says:

    let’s see: they grab 1300 guns and it’s only a drop-in-the-bucket of the remaining 34000.

    The ‘sweep’ took six weeks. In a year, they can do 8 such sweeps and still have 2 weeks off for Christmas holidays.

    In 3 years they could completely clear the backlog with the same staff that did the sweeps.

    we need more officers, obviously, because of those 34000, some 0.005% will actually be used, 0.1% will cause a death, 1% will cause injury.

    Or, they could use 300 officers for a year. Since this is probably low-effort and low-danger work, maybe we could use some of those $150K/year retired-in-the-last-10-years 60 year old pensioners that retired at 50 with 30 years. They’re already on the payroll.

    Instead, we get

    “Harris says Senate Bill 819 would clear the backlog by allowing the state to hire more agents and train law enforcement personnel.”

    Yah. That’s good return on investment, and why people don’t want higher taxes or even to pay the current taxes.

  9. Roachesmustgo says:

    Man..That’s a lot of Mexiroaches without guns!

  10. jed says:

    great analysis pippy!!!!

  11. Roy Darrington says:

    34,000 handguns in the wrong hands? Oh my!
    Wait…. how do they know there are 34,000 handguns in the wrong hands? And if they know they are in the wrong hands, they must know who’s hands they are in. And if they know who’s hands they are in, why then are they still in those hands?

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