CLEMENTS (CBS13) — We brought the story to you Thursday, but tonight we went back to the town of Clements to hear how much help our viewers are offering to a pack of orphaned alpacas.

What a difference a day makes. We had an outpouring of support for Sheryl Hudson and the alpacas she never intended to take care of. But one of the entities that is not going to help is San Joaquin County.

“I try to love with an open heart,” said Sheryl Hudson.

Sheryl is simply astounded by the heartfelt support for her and the 50 alpacas abandoned on her property.

“I feel that there’s been a huge outpouring of people wanting to adopt them and it’s wonderful,” said Sheryl.

She now has hope nearly seven months after she agreed to temporarily house this herd of llama-like animals for a dealer she knew. That dealer ran off leaving her with all of the animals.

“I was conned. I was conned big time,” said Sheryl.

Now the money to care for these animals she hadn’t planned for is running out.

“It’s a cost factor, and I’m doing all I can to feed them,” said Sheryl.

And with the weather heating up, the alpacas are now suffering without a haircut Sheryl can’t afford. She says San Joaquin County Animal Control won’t help either.

“I feel like the county has left me hanging,” said Sheryl.

Sheriff’s Deputy Les Garcia says that at this point a vet has deemed the heard healthy, therefore the county will not seize the animals.

“She has them. She agreed to put them on her property, and now she has to maintain them,” said Garcia.

While it may be tough to hear those words, Sheryl’s hope is not lost. After viewers learned of her situation, they began calling our station and posting pledges of support on our website.

“It’s given me some hope that there are still some really kind honest people out there,” said Sheryl.

So what’s next? Sheryl is now working to get in touch with everyone that is trying to help her. Once she does, she is planning on staging an open house for those who want to care for the alpacas.

Comments (11)
  1. pinecones says:

    What a shining example of what can happen when you share a problem regarding animals plight. When I read about this I was amazed that this lady was so generous to help care for these critters for a short time and then was put in this position. She is an animal hero big time. Thanks for a great story CBS.

  2. Daniel54 says:

    Hey genius-where did you get the idea that she is a hoarder? I suggest you work on your comprehension (I know it’s a big word, but you can look it up) . This story is about a person who did someone else a favor and has now been left holding the bag. She is doing the right thing in trying to care for these animals and what she needs is help, not idiotic posts at 5 am.

  3. Old Hippie says:

    A “heard” of alpacas? Are you kidding?

  4. cmore says:

    She did someone a favor and they ran off and left her. How can you criticize some one who has a big heart. You sound like a real winner.

  5. JIM says:

    Everybody looking for a free alpaca. SPONGES!

  6. Debra Ludden says:

    This is actually a scam. The lady is just looking for money. They are not orphaned Alpacas. She is giving the Alpaca Industry a bad name.

    1. SL says:

      I don’t understand the problem here…I’d love to have 50 alpaca’s “dumped” on me…you could sell them for a lot of money or harvest and spin the fiber from them…they are worth a lot of money, so I don’t understand what there is to complain about…unless she just is scamming to get money and supplies for free in order to keep them all when she shouldn’t.

  7. Joshua Nelson says:

    I’ll take one, but all these stories seem to lack contact information… lame!

  8. steven segal says:

    you can sell them for money ya know!

  9. Cathy Thomas says:

    I would be happy to help, my cell is 916-812-2380, I have acreage in Loomis…please call

  10. dripable says:

    Very forthcoming blog!!!

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