SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (AP) — California firefighters are battling a wildfire that has already burned nearly 8 square miles of grassland on a westward run from a Kern County oil field to a remote area of eastern San Luis Obispo County.

   Five water-dropping helicopters are supporting 337 firefighters on the ground. There are no injuries and one structure has been destroyed.

   The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said Monday morning that 5,068 acres have burned since the fire started at 10:15 a.m. Sunday.

   The blaze is 20 percent contained.

   The state agency says the blaze started in the McDonald-Anticline Oil Field and moved west into San Luis Obispo County’s Temblor Range, some 20 miles southwest of Lost Hills.

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  1. Testing says:

    Nobama writes: “You want the university education so you can get a high paying job……… for it”

    That statement displays a hefty level of naivety. How exactly is it beneficial for our society to be less educated? Perhaps we can only let the elite and wealthy attend college and every newborn baby grow up in the wildness of Alaska or Wyoming with no other civilized contact and hope they figure out how to make fire and the wheel.

    So here are some options:

    #1) We could have a highly educated society.

    #2) We could have society where some are highly educated, some are moderately educated and some are poorly educated.

    #3) We could have it where everyone is moderately educated.

    #4) We could have a society where the elite are educated and the majority are poorly educated.

    #5) Everyone is poorly educated.

    I’ll gladly take option #1.


    “To bad the clueless over 18 college students back Obama”

    Yes, that is “to” bad. (roll eyes)

    I know, let’s compare Obama’s education to the last Republican Ticket along with the voice of the Republican Party.

    ~*~*~ BARACK OBAMA:

    – Attended Punahou in Hawaii that is private college prep school and currently costs over $16K per year.

    – Attended Occidental College in California for 2 years (well respected college)

    – Attended Columbia University where he graduated with a Political Science & International Relations emphasis degree.

    – Attended Harvard Law school and graduated magna cu-m laude and became President of the highly prestigious Harvard Law Review.

    – Taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago’s Law School.

    ~*~*~ SARAH PALIN:

    – Attended Wasilla High School which Johns Hopkins University named a “dropout factory.”

    – Enrolled at Hawaii Pacific College, but could only manage one semester there.

    – Transferred to North Idaho College.

    – Transferred again to University of Idaho.

    – Transferred again to Matan-uska-Susitna College for only one term.

    – Transferred again to University of Idaho where she FINALLY received her degree in Comm/Journalism.

    – Instead of teaching at a college, she was busy with beauty pageants.

  2. Testing says:

    ~*~*~ JOHN MCCAIN:

    – Attended Episcopal High School in Virginia.

    – Graduated from Annapolis (great school) at the bottom of his class ranked #894 out of 899.

    ~*~*~ RUSH LIMBAUGH:

    – Attended Central High School in Missouri

    – Went to the “amazing” Southeast Missouri State University where he dropped out after two semesters. According to his mom, he “flunked everything.”

  3. Testing says:


    “it is the democrat policies that are giving the free tuition to illegals”

    What do you think the illegal kids would be doing if they weren’t in school Einstein? They’d be out getting into trouble and getting involved with gangs. That would be SO much better for our society now wouldn’t it? It is in our society’s best interest to educate them. Never to mind from a sheer human perspective, we shouldn’t deprive a child of an education.


    “when they grow up and begin to pay taxes they will see the light.”

    Yeah, they’ll realize how lucky they were to receive an education and want the same for those who weren’t as fortunate. Why? Because they’ll agree with point #1 above… they’ll want an educated society.


  4. Testing says:


    – Attended the first magnet high school in Chicago where she made the honor roll all 4 years, took AP clas-ses, member of the National Honor Society and Salutatorian of her class.

    – Graduated cu-m laude from Princeton.

    – Graduated from Harvard Law School.

    Gee… I wonder why educated people prefer the Obamas. Either Barack OR Michelle have more education than McCain, Palin and Limbaugh COMBINED.

    Throw out a pop quiz on world geography between Obama’s oldest daughter and Sarah Palin and I’ll put my money on Malia.

  5. beidsclarence says:

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