SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — CHP officers had to use a stun gun to subdue a man who allegedly threw a punch at them only minutes after demanding to see the governor.

“When they asked him to leave, he turned and punched one of the officers in the eye,” said CHP Sgt. Rick Campbell.

It was a simple request, but one that the man didn’t like.

“He was getting aggressive and said, “I want to see the governor. I want to see the governor,” said Erasto Teran, a man who witnessed the scuffle.

Teran says he saw it all. He was standing in front of the in the security line.

“All the other security, they were running to help the other ones, you know,” said Teran.

Officers eventually brought Eric Ball, 38, down with a Taser.

It’s the third time Ball was spotted at the capitol.

“He was at the capitol yesterday,” said Sgt. Campbell.

Officers say the man walked around the capitol and left without any problems yesterday. But a week ago, they say had to escort him out.

“He was yelling incoherently outside the governor’s door,” said Sgt. Campbell.

Ball was taken by ambulance to UC Davis medical Center. His scuffle was caught on capitol security cameras right outside the CHP office doors.

Court records show that officers arrested him for battery and resisting arrest before.

If you’re thinking of forcing your way into the governor’s office, Sgt. Ball says think again.

“You usually lose that battle,” he said.

Ball is facing charges of felony resisting arrest and felony battery on a peace officer.

Comments (21)
  1. Daniel Anderson says:

    What did he expect? To hit a chp in the face and walk away? haha better luck next time.

  2. M says:

    Ambulance ride and headed to jail, possibly prison. All at taxpayer cost because you know this winner isn’t paying for anything or contributing anything. Win/win situation here California.

  3. rdbrock says:

    And he apparently hit his head somewhere. after hitting the cop. Ok got it

    1. cody says:

      If it can be convieved, it can be achieved! wink wink ;}

  4. Lazyemployee's says:

    Maybe he was mad as his tax dollars going to the high paid CHP working as security guards…… at so many other state buildings.

    1. Stew Padasso says:

      What is stopping you from getting a “high paid” CHP job, a back ground check?

      1. Cindy says:

        I agree. If you think they have an easy job go get one. Once you see what they go through you probably won’t last. No peace officer has a gravy job. Just look in the paper at all that goes on every day. They have to deal with it. All jobs has slackers-including yours. No, I am not a peace officer just a person who reads the paper and sees what these people go through on a daily basis.

      2. CopsAreTheNewMob says:

        Oh yea, Cops hav eclean back grounds. Too funny. Most cops are totally crooks. Watch Reno 911. Those guys are stupid.

      3. taxpayer says:

        There is no reason to have CHP officers working as secuirty guards at state buildings. Hire armed security guards at half the price.

      4. CopsAreTheMob is a TOOL says:

        CopsAreTheMob is a TOOL. You have absolutely no idea what the hell you are talking about. I’m willing to bet that you couldn’t pass any of the test givin to CHP Prospects. A gevernment building can be guarded by private security, But the state capital require state police.

        I bet you would have a sister if your mother didn’t wash the bedsheets.

    2. TJ says:

      Actually most state buildings have private security guards. I know because I’m one of them. I can tell you that the “State police” were a joke and a waist of tax money. but sense the CHP took over things are better.

      1. taxpayer says:

        The State Police were abosorbed by CHP, same personell, different uniform.

      2. TJ says:

        Yes Taxpayer The State Police were absorbed by CHP But all but a couple of the old state cops are gone I’s still a separately run operation from the main CHP but new officer. many of them vets from other city’s

  5. @CopsAreTheNewMob says:

    Are your parents siblings?

  6. John Munyer says:

    I agree.Why are the State Troopers doing a job a Brinks guy can do for $12 an hour & no bennies.Why not?They outsource prisons…think about it…also,does sacramento REALLY need a FULL time MAYOR ?

  7. John Munyer says:

    That CHP shoulda been on Walerga at 3pm today.Some idiot was going 65 in the suicide lane…in a 40 mph zone….SOCIETY BREAKDOWN ?

    1. Matt says:

      Driving too fast is a “society breakdown”?? What are you talking about?

  8. Mom In The Sierras! says:

    Since everybody loves this forum, can anybody tell me who could fix Aunt Bertha’s 1909 mantel clock which fell off into a zillion pieces, or what Ii could make with the timepiece and face which would be art! GO CHP!!!

  9. mert says:

    Teran sounds as intelligent as the reporter who wrote this story. Is journalism a real job ????????????

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