DAVIS (CBS13) — In a time when state college budgets are being slashed, UC schools are giving their out-of-state students a big break.

During the regular school year, out-of-state students pay up to three times as much for tuition to UC schools. Summer school has become an exception and students are taking advantage.

During the typical UC school year, despite the academic load, times can be tough.

If you’re from out of state like Nicole Carlevato, taking advantage of the summer session doesn’t have a hefty penalty in the university of California system.

“It’s nice just because we have had so many fee increases it’s getting to just be unaffordable for school,” said Nicole.

The regular school tuition for out-of-state students is three times the amount for California residents. So why is there a change during summer school? We asked UC Davis summer session Director Gary Ford.

“I think it’s done in large part because UC Berkeley and UCLA attract a lot of summer-only international students and they arrive sort of last minute,” said Ford.

It makes checking residency nearly impossible based on volume so, the school gives everyone a summer break, so to speak. You won’t hear any complaints from Nicole who’s hoping the school might apply the logic to the regular sessions too.

“It would be nice even if out of state tuition in general went down and is more affordable for students who don’t have as many options in their state to go to school,” said Nicole.

That’s not likely going to happen. And, if you’re hoping to take advantage of these non-resident summer rates, better, get to it. UC is reviewing this policy for next summer and say rates could once again be going up.

During summer school the tuition difference between California students and out-of-state students is only $65.


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