VIENNA (AP) — Under fire in California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is rediscovering the simple, gentler pleasures of Austria, the country of his birth.

   In Vienna for an environment conference, the former governor of California began his speech Tuesday in German instead of English. And he focused not on green themes but on the familiar things he misses in California — “the music of Mozart,” or “a juicy wiener schnitzel.”

   He says he is “extremely happy to be here again.” And the ex-Terminator says “I’ll be back” — in the fall, to open a Schwarzenegger museum in his Austrian hometown of Thal, near Graz.

   Schwarzenegger’s popularity in the U.S. was nose-diving as he left office last year and has sunk even further in the wake of revelations that he fathered a child with his housekeeper.

   (Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (11)
  1. pynaetlb says:

    He should move back there as soon as possible.

  2. mert says:

    one way tickets are available.

  3. Stelios 928 says:

    Now he is a Nazi. They did not say this when he contributed large amounts of money to Israel!

  4. unique one says:

    His ex-housekeeper misses a juicy weiner schnitzel as well. Go back from where you came and take her with you.

  5. T Vang says:

    If I were you, I would have left the U.S. long time ago. If you continue to stay in the U.S., you will be humiliated even more.

  6. oldfart says:

    Good go home you alresdy messed California up enough by doubling the number of stateworkers & bankrupting the state. Wished I’d known your own wife & kids couldn’t trust you before I voted for you.

  7. Jay Nielsen says:

    Of course he misses Austria, especially now.

  8. Time2Go says:

    Please, Please go home now Arnold. you are played out.

  9. Anthony says:

    Eh, this is why we should stop voting celebrity figures into office. He made a ton of money as an actor, ran our government into the ground as a politician, and now he has a musem being built in his honor – in another country. More than likely, he’ll retire there, taking his wealth with him (and out of California).

    At least the cycle continues so my cynicism about American politics can remain intact.

  10. illegals are Sponges says:

    Yep..Pack your chit and leave, And take that illegal tramp and your Anchor baby with you, We have enough illegals to support every month.

  11. Cheryl Lynn says:

    May be it is time to move back to the communist country you came from. You did enough damage here. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt.

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