By Steve Large

LOOMIS, Calif. (CBS13) – A cattle dog is still in intensive care after a hit-and-run driver allegedly sped through a cattle run, targeting animals and people alike.

John Reader said he watched in horror as the driver of a Jeep gunned the engine and steered into the herd during the recent cattle drive. The actions did not appear to be accidental, he added.

“All of a sudden, he took his steering wheel and whipped it around and accelerated,” John said. “I wanted to stop the guy and ask him, hey, what the heck is your problem?”

The vehicle plowed into a few cows and narrowly missed some horseback riders, but border collie Maggie took the brunt of the attack, John said.

“I heard the first wheel hit and I heard the second wheel hit, and I was just shocked,” he said. “This is cruelty at its worst.”

The Reader family has been herding cattle in the area for 150 years and has never experienced any similar attacks, he added.

Maggie’s leg was broken and she suffered severe internal injuries, requiring a three-hour surgery to save her life, according to Dr. Michael Dearmin.

“Her stomach and spleen and some of her abdominal organs were up in her chest cavity,” Dr. Dearmin said.

Community members have chipped in $2,000 to help pay down Maggie’s $7,000 veterinarian bills.

The Sheriff’s Department are working on a number of leads in the search for the suspect who was driving the white Jeep.

Comments (15)
  1. heneedstobecaught says:

    What about a description of the jeep and driver………… put up a reward, someone will give him up.

  2. vickye says:

    I’d like to run over that driver with all four wheels

    1. Jay says:

      …a couple of times!!!

  3. Ilovemydog says:

    I feel so sory for Maggie, border collies are such special intelligent dogs, I was also looking for a description of the jeep.

  4. sandra says:

    So sad, how cruel!! !Nothing better to do?

  5. Tax Payer says:

    If they catch the SOB, hog tie them and drag them behind one of the cattle during the next drive! And make sure it’s a lond drive too! 🙂

  6. Rene Walker says:

    What we have here is a SICK, DEMENTED, IMBECILE…who is living the LOWEST existence of the face of the Earth. This kind of person is a heartbeat away from the insane slug that shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. He has NO
    compassion, pride, purpose, or future. He IS NOTHING AND HAS NOTHING….and never will. The person who did this is a total sadistic loser who knows now bounds when it comes to the total distruction of something good, beautiful, or wonderful. HE IS THE DEVIL in human form. Sad that there are people like him on the face of the earth……Even sader is the fact that if they do catch him he will not be punnished they way he should be.

  7. gonetothedogs says:

    The phrase, ‘it shouldn’t happen to a dog’ comes to mind…

  8. Lisa says:

    The suspect as we have to call him was driving a white jeep wrangler and we are very sure now who it was but we can’t say yet. He lives in North San Juan area north of Nevada City. Please help encourage Sierra county sheriff and nevada County Sheriff and Grass Valley CHP to apprehend him. We know who he is and it looks like he may have already ditched his. They better catch him before he runs over people in a cross walk!

  9. Jay says:

    Maggie…Josie and I are holding you in our thoughts. You will be just fine. Border Collies are strong and never give up. You guys are like little US Marines who march into combat with cows!

    Josie jumped out of my truck one day as I was backing up and the rear tire ran her over…she is just fine and you will be too! Take care little one!!!

  10. K. Fils says:

    Another article said you can donate by calling the vet at 916-652-5816.

    Hope the j********s gets caught. Hurting animals should be a felony.

  11. Dog Lover says:

    This is absolutely awful to read. I am heartbroken at the level of cruelty this human race exhibits on a daily basis. But I vow to help change that. I just called and donated to the fund to help Maggie, a family member, recover without having to worry about paying a large vet bill. Maggie, you are in my prayers… in memory of my border collie, Socks!

  12. laurie209 says:

    I don’t understand how humans who are supposed to be of superior intelligence can be so cruel. I do hope that Maggie makes it and hope that the cows survived.
    I agree. if caught this guy should be charged with a felony with a stiff fine and extended jail time.

  13. Ilovemydog says:

    Does anyone have an update regarding how Maggie is doing?

  14. Sonny Steele says:

    Could we have more details that might help locate the driver? ANy estimate on the year? Any portion of the license # known? Any descriptions of the driver / passenger?

    Let’s get this person off the road (and out of society) now.

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