By Frank L.

With the NBA draft upon us, the rumors are swirling and Sacramento finds itself linked to a possible trade for the San Antonio Spurs all-star point guard Tony Parker. Is this a no-brainer for the Kings? Admittedly, the trade is intriguing when you consider Sacramento has one of the youngest teams brimming with raw talent, but sorely in need of veteran leadership.

Parker would give the Kings instant credibility, and would certainly put them in the conversation as a playoff contender. But the flip side is defense. Basically the Kings don’t have any; ranked 25th in the league in points allowed and Parker isn’t known as a strong defender. But again, most agree this is a weak draft, and if there were ever a year to trade your 7th pick for an all-star and former finals MVP who could instantly help your team, the Kings may just find themselves in no position to turn this trade down.

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  1. Michael Helman says:

    I think that the trade of the Kings #7 draft pick for Tony Parker is a great idea. The kings really need a good point guard that has been to the NBA finals. He will be a great leader for the team

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