Today on The Don Geronimo Show, Don starts with Jodi Bacon’s pick for the Kings in the NBA draft, then tells us about filming the pilot for his new late night show, Don After Dark. Don and Dave then talk about Oprah’s producer allegedly getting O.J. to confess, the great Garry Shandling, and 35lb bags of vomit found outside a Bed, Bath, and Beyond in Radnor, PA, which Don then calls. Don then plays a rant from an angry Houston airline pilot, and their love for Dave’s buddy Andrew from the Sacramento Mountain Lions.

The guys then get a visit from Doug, the CarCzar, who gives car advice to callers, and even guesses the cars each member of the show has. During that time we hear breaking news about the Kings trading their draft pick. Don reads off the top Nielsen ratings for last week, and reads a list from ESPN the Magazine of professional sports franchises who do the most for their fans. After pulling out a Samuel L. Jackson soundboard, as well as an Eddie Murphy soundboard, Don calls the Dixie Stampede restaurant in Branson, MO, which does re enactments of the Civil War. We then get to hear the most ridiculous exorcism ever, and Drew finishes off with another happy ending.

  1. Chunk Lite says:

    Is anyone else having trouble now that the podcasts aren’t broken down into segments? My computer shuts down about a half hour into listening. Then I have to download Adobe flash again. Any advice?

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