SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Arden Fair Mall officials say pet owners are leaving their pets inside their vehicles while shopping, despite recent temperatures that have jumped well into triple digits, and newly released surveillance video shows how desperate pets become when trapped inside a broiling vehicle.

Surveillance cameras showed a German Shepherd thrashing around inside a silver sedan parked under the blistering midday sun Tuesday, when high temperatures in the Sacramento area were recorded at 102 degrees. Temperatures inside the car would have risen above 120 degrees within just a few minutes, authorities said.

The helpless dog, showing signs of extreme stress, shoved its head through a partially-opened window and desperately tried to squeeze through the small space.

The video shows the exhausted dog hanging its head out the window and breathing heavily within just a few minutes.

“You can see by him panting and drooling that he’s in need of water,” said Arden Fair Mall security director Steve Reed.

The pet’s owner walked back to his car, shopping bags in hand, and drove away before animal control officers arrived.

Two other pet owners left two Schnauzers inside their sedan at about 2:00 p.m. the same day, only cracking the sunroof open slightly to let air in. Mall security officers used surveillance footage to track down the couple inside the mall and tell them that authorities were on their way to force open the car.

The two protested that they had only been shopping for five minutes, “but they failed to realize we tracked them on camera, and they were in there for 30 minutes,” Reed said.

When told that police officers and fire crews were on their way to the scene, the two tried to sprint to their car. Emergency crews had already saved the two dogs before they arrived.

“You know, this is the season children will be left in cars. We’ve had that happen before,” Reed said. “It doesn’t take that long for there to be a fatality.”

The dog owners in both incidents won’t face any charges. Mall security officers have no authority to detain drivers on animal cruelty charges, and due to budget cuts, animal control officers could not respond to the incidents fast enough to catch the pet owners in the act.

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  1. Yvonne Blake Horgeshimer says:

    they need to start breaking out car windows

  2. Yvonne Blake Horgeshimer says:

    need to stop wasting money on busting people for pot and spend more toward rescuing animals and children-putzes

  3. dogGoneIt says:

    Animal control let them go because they didn’t catch them in the act???? They have it on video for crying out loud!

    Sounds like animal control was too lazy to fill out the paperwork in the heat of the day, so they let the animal abusers go. That’s just another example of lazy public employees for you.

    1. BigBallsMcGurk says:

      I read they had left before animal control officers arrived. Dont be stupid, animal control officers will cite you for 597.7 quickly no matter how hot it is. If you dont know what your talking about keep that ignorant mouth shut before commenting…just looking for an excuse to bash public employees. Rememeber the story out on monday??? 7 aco’s doing what 31 should?? already forgot about that huh?? try and get any private service out within minutes. Cable guy?? plumber?? smud?? yeah right, try hours if not days

      1. JDL says:

        Yeah, and you’re probably the next public wacko to go postal with a gun. Take a vacation, bud, and get some help with that temper of yours.

  4. boycottSacramento says:

    Typical Sacramento County, The suffering animals are on video tape, mall security should get the license plate (which they have the capability to capture on video), video the driver of the vehicle and turn it over to the animal control officer who can then issue a citation. But again this is Scramento, land of the we want a new arena…………….and Jan Scully would refuse to prosecute………….Boycott SACRAMENTO.

  5. tmoo says:

    Perhaps we as the concerned public should step up & do whatever possible whenever we see a trapped child or pet: take a phone pic of the car, license AND….break the window…yikes I know that’s extreme (not only breaking the law), but it possibly could be the difference between life & DEATH!!! All I know is SOMETHING needs to be done if people are stupid & selfish enough to leave their loved ones in a deadly HOT BOX! PLEASE someone do something for these helpless ones!

    1. NM says:

      Couldn’t have said it better! There should be a law that protects the public from legal action when trying to save animals/humans from vehicles.

    2. maya says:

      I agree! Call 911 ASAP! We all need to start calling and writing to our elected officials (in our home states and in DC) to start asking for stricter laws & penalties. If we wait for someone else to do it, then how many more animals are in danger? You can make a difference – use your voice to help those who can not speak for themselves.

  6. joe says:

    You’re a moron if, You even drive around with your pet in your car.

    1. Ovgal says:

      How do you expect people to take their pets to the vet or the dog park? Walk them there?! Umm I’m sorry but you’re the moron for thinking that people are moron’s for driving around with their pet in the car. I for one drive with my pet in the car and he loves it plus that’s how I take him the vet.

      1. jjvv says:

        You & Joe above are both right, if there is no reason to take your pet, for instance like the vet, or to the river for a cool run, then leave them at home. That’s what I do. My dog loves to go everywhere with my husband, but I put my foot down it my husband is just out messing around when it’s hot. It’s too hot for the Dog! Why would anyone in their right mind take a dog to the mall? In fact, if ever a situation that we had to stop at a store with the dog, knowing my husband, he’ll take him in with him and just take the rap (the yelling from the store), get his item and get out.

  7. sandra says:

    I, for one would have broken the window out and faced the consequences!! These people are idiots and should not have animals or children. God help any creature in their care!!!! Security should have called authorites and detained the owners until officers arrived.

  8. Carolyn Armanino says:

    How about it Animal Control ? Time to make sure laws r in effect to protect r children and pets from this kund of abuse. Its not too late to give a citation to these idiots, is it ? can”t the Mall security be smart enough to get the license number & detain the offender till animal control arrives. ? P>S> this poor dog should be given to people who really care !!!!!

  9. Randy West says:

    If it was all on video I don’t see why those folks couldn’t have charges filed against them.

  10. lol says:

    Put these owners in a hot car!

  11. v durk says:

    Animal control can site them since they have it on video. If they don’t – they should change that policy. It’s cruel and ironic since Animal Control is suppose to be the last vestige of hope for animals in need. I personally think the people who are setting these policies should be interviewed about their do nothing policy.. Could you dig a bit deeper in this story rather than say ” there’s nothing that can be done.” That comes off as laziness. Someone needs to pick up the ball with city officials who do nothing to lessen the distress of animals their supposedly suppose to protect.
    Also parking patrol should be allowed to break a window. Seeing this on TV may shed light to a serious problem I have witnessed several times living in Sacramento.
    Viewers see this as continued reckless behavior with horrible consequences and you guys could be heroes if you pressed animal control to do something rather than just say and there’s nothing they can do. When an animal is fighting for it’s life there is always something we as people can do. Please follow up with this story!!!!!

  12. NM says:

    Way to be racist…you must have a low level of education to say something that idiotic.

  13. Harold says:

    The bottom line is that this world is full of people that don’t weight the consequences of their behaviors and actions. People are generally stupid and really don’t use their comment sense.

  14. Marco says:

    You don’t sound too intelligent.

  15. Becky says:

    The videos captured the crime & the license plate. Prosecute this SOB. You could see the German Shepherd still stuck in the window as he arrogantly drove away. What good are the laws (ANY of them) – if we don’t enforce them? I take my GSD to work with me – a/c office. On Tues, once home, she was lightly hosed off (black absorbs heat quickly) before taking her into the a/c house.

    This man should be whipped – as should the animal control people for not pursuing him.

  16. Sue Owens Wright says:

    When are idiots like these ever going to learn that you can’t leave a pet inside a car at a mall in the summer while they shop? This is so disturbing to watch, but everyone needs to. These offenses should be punished to the full degree of the law. Seems like catching them on camera should be enough evidence to convict them of animal cruelty, and who at the mall was watching this and didn’t come to the rescue of this animal? That person should also be prosecuted for not responding to an obvious emergency. Fact is, the law doesn’t care to pursue perpetrators of these tragic incidents. Would it be different if it was a child left to die in a hot car? You bet! I’m carrying a baseball bat and if no one helps one of these animals, some stupid pet owner will be replacing their windows, instead of their dead dog that died from heat exhaustion.

  17. Denise says:

    I’d break the window and take the dog. People get out there and rescue dogs. Or break the window, call the police and take the dog!

  18. Rae says:

    How about they don’t “warn” the abusive/negligent owners that the authorities are on the way???

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