Friday Was Final Day For 108 Sac PD Workers

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Dozens of police officers and workers at the Sacramento Police Department spent their last day on the job Friday due to budget cuts that forced the agency to drastically reduce its workforce.

Authorities said the department is losing 66 civilian workers and 42 sworn officers, including a rookie officer whose first day as a solo patrol officer was also her last.

Officer Lindsey Goesch said she couldn’t help but smile as she pulled out of the police station Friday morning even though her first day on her own wouldn’t end the way she hoped.

“First day, you know, responded to a few calls for service,” Goesch said, “making routine traffic stops and just making sure everything is going according to business.”

Goesch’s job was just one of many that fell under the budget axe when the Sacramento City Council approved a $12 million cut to the police department’s budget.

A last-second exemption granted by federal officials allowed the department to save the jobs of 35 officers, but dozens of other officers weren’t so lucky.

Forensic investigator Bridge Wilson also worked her last day Friday, part of the civilian CSI team that was completely dismantled due to budget cuts. Sworn officers will take over forensic duties for the department.

Some laid-off officers said they have some hope of picking up a job at other local agencies who may be hiring soon, but forensic workers are facing a much tougher job crunch: There isn’t a single civilian CSI position open in the entire state.

  • Joseph Valadez Sr

    Awwwwwww….now some cops don’t have jobs….like the rest of us…

    • illegals are Sponges

      Well.. At least those worthless brown illegal roaches will still get their checks every month.

      • illegals are Sponges

        Yes I’m hateful..
        1. When someone breaks into this Country
        2. When someone takes from the working American tax payer
        3. When someone thumbs their noses to the American laws
        4.When someone breeds for a paycheck

        Just remember tramp…

        Illegal aliens murder 12 Americans daily
        Death toll in 2006 far overshadows total U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, Afghanistan

      • Brenda

        you sound like the roach to me…

      • Brenda

        wow…. actually, it’s you who sounds like the roach to me… If you have an opinion about something that’s perfectly fine, but for the sake of civilization, could you stop being so hateful?? I wonder, would you speak like you type in front of others or do you, like a roach, run to hide when the light comes on??

  • Criminal

    I hope they lay off more.Heck maybe Placer county and their local PD’s will
    have to do the same. It’s looking good right now for the unemployed that have
    turned to crime to pay the bills.

  • Mace

    LOL Karma comes full circle, what a waste of tax dollars wow I bet they all just hung out at starbucks…I bet the state fight them on the unemployment benefits LOL

  • Nobama

    At least the Mayor is working on getting a new arena deal to line the pockets of the rich NBA players and the Magoof’s……………


    • UDUMMY

      SHUT UP…become a basketball player then…QUIT WHINING like a gwwwaarrrrlllll

  • jed

    the crime wave increases now………so lock your doors with your guns ready!!!

  • somedude

    Stockton laid off a bunch of officers, and look how that turned out! How many homicides have they had this month?

  • sally

    Brown give up your salary and I pray to god those loser lawmakers are still not getting paid Lock your doors and pull out your guns is right JED Sacramento Sucks big time we do not have any educated lawmakers, or a mayor or a governor how F in sad The reporters from kcra 3 and CW31 all need to go back to school they have a 2nd grade education

  • lili

    You are all completely lost. You wage war with and blame your neighbors(Who have no more power than you do) while your politicians use your money for anything they want.

    They get lavish lifestyles because you, the citizens, would rather be hateful to your neighbors rather than keep the politicians in line.

    They will be living the good life while you all point fingers.

    Good job.

    Now learn how to tear down and rebuild your state government. Or stop whining and blaming others for your problems.

  • marc

    You pay your union dues!! The unions pays the politician with your money!!! The politicians fire you!!! Hows that union thing working for you…


    This should teach people a lesson: LOSERS support LOSERS LOL…Stop voting, because that we’ve ever gotten. LOL People have been getting laid off since 2004-05, the state & federal workers were never sorry for those people, SO GET IN LINE like everyone else. The next 10yrs is your turn to suffer. LOL U thought it couldn’t happen to u, did u? LOL

  • postone

    Welcome to our world….

  • dunphy

    I fail to see how a reduction in the police force is something to celebrate. These are men and women who risk their lives for the betterment of society, and some people have the nerve to be happy these people are unemployed simply because they’re in a union?
    Enjoy it now, because when crime does increase, they’re going to have to inevitably raise taxes to provide increased services.

  • Bush Limbaugh

    the crooks work for the city council. now the police will know that only innocent citizens are to be arrested. more cops shooting old ladies and honor students.

  • guy

    2 Timothy 1-3

    3 But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness,

  • Yvonne Blake Horgeshimer

    most of them are probably in it for the weed anyway, their the ones that should be weeded out -lol

  • Concern,,,, & posts) .

  • p

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