SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Put on your purple and head out to the airport!  The Sacramento Kings want fans to help welcome the newest Kings to the River City!!

BYU Guard Jimmer Fredette and UCLA small forward Tyler Honeycutt are flying into Sacramento.  The Kings also got Washington guard Isaiah Thomas with the final pick of the draft but he will not be at the airport today.

SLIDESHOW: Jimmer Fredette Coming To Sac!

Most of the buzz surrounding the Kings draft picks is focused on Fredette.  He led the nation in scoring, took his team to the NCAA Tournament and was the National Player of the Year.

His popularity even led to “Jimmer-Mania”.

“It plays to my strengths, a lot of ball screens and up and down tempo,” said Fredette.  “They’ve got a young talented group there from Tyreke to Marcus and all these guys that they have at that place. So I’m really looking forward to going in and hopefully fitting in really well.”

This morning, Fredette took to his Twitter page to tweet about coming to Sacramento saying “Finally got my phone back after a long but great night.  So proud to be a Sacramento King!!! See you out there today.”

The new Kings will arrive at 4:00 p.m. at Terminal A of Sacramento International Airport.

Comments (14)
  1. Randy West says:

    Terrible trade and pcik with Knight and Walker still on the board if we would have kept the pick.

    So instead of Beno starting and Walker/Knight learning from him we trade him away for a rookie pg and another sf we didn’t need????

    I am not sure the Kings are done trying to play their way out of Sacramento.

    1. Alex says:

      Beno HAD to go! We needed a good SF with range and Salmons helps us a little.. I still think the Kings have more stuff in the works… Jimmer will not be as bad as doomsday predicters have him! He will be a good mix with Tyreke and Thornton 30+ minutes each makes for fresh legs that can run and shoot! Still need a solid Center but pieces are slowly coming together

    2. Wahului says:

      Stupid comment based purely on prejudice and ignorance. If you just HAVE TO criticize, know what the hell you’re talking about…bad players don’t win the Wooden, Naismith, AP and a basketful of other College player of the year awards. Knight and Walker both played for the same entire season Jimmer just did, but Fredette came out on top… not only on the basis of number of ooints scored, but on the basis of his entire all around game . Your biggest point of idiocy is your inability to simply recognize what the guy has done and currently does, purely on your ignorance based opinion.

  2. Scott Meyer says:

    Huge fan of Jimmer! I believe he’s the next Larry Bird! Just watch!!!!!!

    Makes me excited to be a King’s fan again!

  3. Alex says:

    but yes in hindsight, the trade cost us Knight who was a better pure PG than Jimmer is currently

  4. Pamela Hurban says:

    He’ll be a nice player to come off the bench and spark the team/ crowd ala Bobby Jackson. The team’s not done moving parts just yet, and who the heck knows how any of these guys are going to fit into the NBA anyway. It’s way too early to judge any of these 2011 draftees.

  5. disgusted says:

    No, I have better things to do than hang out at the Airport for another privilege entitled basketball player.


    “To the mother of the 6 children left behind at Arco Arena. Please come retrieve them, they’re beating the Kings 102 to 68.”

  7. Retired old Guy says:

    And what about the other new KINGS—are they just decorations? They don’t get no KING Welcome?

  8. J says:

    1st. Not a Kings fan here, but a fan of the NBA living in Nor Cal..I know the fans that are true fans love the Kings and were very angry when the MaGoofs wanted to up and run before the new deal to keep them here was put in place while the development plan plays out. So for them to ask fans to support the new guys is ridiculous they will and always have. So what I am saying is YOU (I.E.-Maloofs) support the team and spend some damn money and give the fans a winning team. As a California native I find it shameful such a expansive and fan laden state we have struggling teams. It is because of horrible owners this happens. And that other Nor Cal team just a got a new owner that cares and it will hopefully help pull the Maloofs into a spending mode.

  9. Knowlegeable Fan says:

    So excited for Jimmer to join the Kings. What an incredible player. I can’t wait see him develop in the NBA.

  10. Mace says:

    No Thanks…I’ll welcome JEHOVAH GOD or Jesus Christ tho. I will never worship, cherish or adore a man or female! Whoever wrote this article is NUTS! This world has gone mad. Jimmer could give a rats azz about any of u. LOL

    1. Yup, Mace actually said that. says:

      Wow. Just, wow.

  11. martin keegan says:

    Bad Choice!!! We Need A Post Player, and We Will Never See Him Develop As Sac King because We Won’t Be Able To Keep The Team For More Than A Season!!

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