SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — As the end of California’s fiscal year approaches this week, there’s added urgency to a deadline that is usually ignored.

Lawmakers face significant new pressures, as well as opportunities, as they seek to close California’s remaining $9.6 billion deficit and get a budget in place by July 1, the start of the next fiscal year.

Proposition 25, approved last fall, forces lawmakers to go without pay for each day they fail to pass a balanced budget.

Democrats also can now pass a budget without GOP votes, although they still need a two-thirds majority to raise taxes or put a tax measure on the ballot, as Gov. Jerry Brown hopes.

Brown negotiated with Democratic leaders over the weekend after months of talks with Republicans failed to yield a deal.

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Comments (9)
  1. Tired of high taxes says:

    No more tax increases. Cut the social programs, especially welfare and the other programs that allow dirtbags, lazy people and illegals to leech off the tax payers. Us normal hardworking Americans need to take our Country back!

    1. Marilyn Escobar says:

      End corporate welfare!

      1. Fred says:

        No need to worry about that – at the rate it’s going, the only “corporation” left is=n California will be the public sector.

    2. Tom says:

      OK! RED NECK get off your high horse if you had a real concern with what he is saying help kick these illegals out of this state that are collecting 28.1 billion dollars of are tax money just this year alone in free services and are one of the reason you can’t find a job .They work under the table do not pay taxes and collect welfare and social securety so quit whinning and be a real redneck and rebirth America.

  2. Fred says:

    Well, I’m not going to get into this one…

  3. Mary says:

    Shut up grow up and realize no one is perfect even the two of you. Everyone has problems.

  4. dunphy says:

    this is hilariously sad. neither of you should be allowed near a computer.

    1. Aghast says:

      or a voting booth

  5. cowboy says:

    redneck, if you’ve spent the last two years {on the taxpayers dime} retraining for a new job & still not employeed you must really be A SLOW LEARNER.

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