Man Beaten And Shot By Neighbor Speaks Out

NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) — A Nevada County man is now telling his story about a nightmare neighbor, the 68-year-old woman who shot at him, and is accused of beating him with a stick.

It’s a story we first brought you last week. Christopher Silva says he hasn’t gotten along with his neighbor for years, and it all stems from the same section of road they both have to use. Now, Silva says he has a plan to end the feud for good.

“I opened my gate pulled in with the truck,” said Silva. “I turned around to see my neighbor, Miss Lee, coming at me with a large canister and my vision went blurry.

From there, Christopher Silva says he found himself under attack from who seems to be the most unlikely suspect: his 68-year-old neighbor, Artemesia Lee.

“It was attempted murder, there is no other way to look at it,” said Silva.

Investigators say Lee pepper sprayed him then beat him over the head with a stick.

“It broke the skin,” said Silva. “I did get a concussion. I threw up all that night.”

The fight was over property lines. Lee complains that when Silva opens his gate, it rattles, making her dogs bark. They both use the same private road to get to their driveways, and now Silva says he’s going to get the land surveyed to find out who owns the private road.

The other neighbor will then have to find another way home.

“All over just an easement, it’s hard to understand,” said Silva.

And this isn’t the first attack.

“She shot me,” he said.

Six years ago Lee shot Silva. He says she stole wood from his property.

“I approached her about it. She took six shots and the sixth one hit me in the leg with the shotgun,” he said.

Despite the most recent attack, he said he’s still trying to be a good neighbor by taking care of her pets when she’s not around.

“I’m the only one feeding her dogs,” he said.

We talked to Lee by phone tonight. She says she was too tired to talk or give us her version of events. She is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and violating her probation.


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