Los Angeles (AP) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry will swing through California this week for private meetings with Republican leaders and legislators that will stoke speculation that he plans to enter the 2012 presidential race.

It will be the Republican governor’s second trip to the nation’s most populous state in less than three weeks.

Perry plans to a meet behind closed doors Thursday with Orange County Republicans and, later in the day, with legislators in Sacramento. He also plans a sit-down with business leaders and potential fundraisers in Beverly Hills.

He starts his trip Wednesday in San Diego, where he will speak at a Boy Scouts event.

Perry has said he’s thinking about joining the 2012 field.

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  1. LarryTX says:

    It is truly amazing that the Republicans are so eager to hitch their wagon to Perry’s dark star. How soon they forget that George W left the Texas budget and econonmy in a shambles as he managed to pull off a getaway in just the nick of time.

    Let’s take a look at how Perry would leave the State after a decade under him if he went off for national polictics. Here’s how Texas ranks:

    * 33rd in public school teachers’ salaries
    * 50th in 25 or older population with a high school diploma
    * 43rd in high school graduation rate
    * 31st in percent of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree
    * 1st in percent of population uninsured
    * 49th in percent of low income population covered by Medicaid
    * 48th in percent of population with employer-based health insurance
    * 4th in percent living below Federal poverty level
    * 2nd in percent of population with food insecurity
    * 7th in teenage birth rate
    * 9th in percent of mortgage loans that are subprime
    * 49th in average credit score
    * 1st in amount of carbon dioxide emissions, release of volatile organic compounds, toxi chemical release into water, carcinogens released into air, and hazardous waste generated
    * 9th in income inequaity between the rich and the poor
    * 34th in median household income
    * 44th in home ownership rate

    Needless to say, Perry has a little ways to go before he can triumphantly say that he has put Texas dead last on everything that’s good and first on everything that’s bad. He has truly gone a long ways to ensuring that our schools turn out a crop of uneducated children destined to work for minimum wage or less. He’s also gone a long way to ensure that that our colleges are too expensive for Texas and are populated by foreign students who will take their education home with them so they can pull our jobs over there while having the menial tasks done by the uneducated Texans. But Perry still has a way to go before he totally destroys Texas. Not much mind you, but a ways nonetheless. Still, he has proven that he can take the total disaster that George W. left and make it much, much worse.

    He’s also ensured that Texans get poor health care so that the ill, elderly, and disable with die sooner and not present a burden to the all-important businesses.

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention that he will boast to you that he balanced the State’s budget despite a huge deficit. That’s a lie. He kicked the can down the road. They’re hoping and praying that what they did budget will pay the State’s bill until the next Legislative session when they will have to pass an emergency appropriation to fund the State’s operation until the end of the fiscal year. Just check any Texas newspaper (such as the Houston Chronical). It’s common knowledge in the State.

    Yes, it’s easy to see why the Genocidal Obstructionist Party (G.O.P.) want him so badly, but just think how much more evil he could become with a little more practice.

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