By Frank Luna

Tiger’s press conference today at the site of this week’s AT&T National, revealed a more mature and perhaps more humble former number-one golfer, than we are used to seeing. While he has refused to rule out playing in this year’s British Open, you might get the feeling Tiger’s not going to hop a plane to the British Isles unless he’s near a 100 percent healthy.

Considering Woods won the US Open on a broken leg as well as playing injured while winning other tournaments, his new attitude marks a difference in how he may approach the last third of his career. At 35, he’s in the middle of his prime, a scary thought when you consider his wins to date. There’s a good chance he’ll miss his second major in a row for only the second time in his career, but make no mistake about this ferocious competitor, he will be back on his own terms when he feels he’s ready.

Today he’s expressed the willingness to be patient, with the more majors squarely in his sites. After all, he’s more concerned about Jack than Mac (McIlroy).


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