SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Tolls on San Francisco Bay area bridges are going up for big-rig trucks.

Starting Friday, five-axle big-rigs will pay $18 — up from $11.25 — to cross the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the Antioch, Benicia, Carquinez, Richmond-San Rafael, San Mateo and Dumbarton bridges. A year from now, the toll for those trucks will rise to $25.

On the Golden Gate Bridge, big rigs will pay $22 — up from $15 — starting Friday. The toll on the Golden Gate will climb to $30 a year from now.

Although the rate hikes do not affect two-axle cars, cars towing trailers will also pay higher tolls.

Bay Area Toll Authority officials, who are responsible for the seven bridges other than the Golden Gate, say the increase is needed in part to pay for seismic retrofits.

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Comments (4)
  1. Wyliecoyote says:

    Better to have the bridges work and not fall apart than the alternative. The Quake of 1987 I remember well, the section of the Bay Bridge, shiver me timbers!!!

  2. Robert Brown says:

    Ask where the higher fees will go?
    Ask where 99% of all trucks are going to and from in the bay area?
    In this economy how does this make since?
    The article is written so as to put the blame on the Bay area transit authority, THINK who they realy are! CALTRANS and the $$$$ Will go into the State General Fund, Jerry and the Guess Who are repairing their mistakes at your expence.
    The Dems and Jerry are just getting started on closing a $9 billion deficit all of the moves will reach you personally, grab your cheeks…

  3. Smokey Bear says:

    …..dumb-a$$’s, the ‘consumer’ is paying the tab…

  4. Matt says:

    Toll increase is really for future maintenance on the parts of the bridges that are poorly built in China.

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