SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY (CBS13) — To ride out the recession, San Joaquin County needs to cut bus services and they could stop picking up people on Sundays. On Tuesday, riders spoke out about the proposed change in service.

Thousands of people depend on the bus system to get from point A to point B. As you can imagine, riders are not happy about the proposed cuts.

“On Sunday, I have to work; that would really affect me,” said Sherry Englent.

Sherry travels across town to make it to work. If Sunday service stops, the single mom fears she’ll be stranded.

“I came to the public hearing and fought for that because I need it and I have to work,” said Sherry.

The San Joaquin Regional Transportation District (SJRTD) held a series of public hearings to hear people’s concerns, but in the end it all comes down to, you guessed it, budget cuts.

The district is proposing to slash Sunday because fewer people commute on that day.

“About four times the amount of people ride on weekdays as they do on Sunday,” said SJRTD representative Paul Rap.

The cuts aren’t set in stone. Board members have to look at the amount of cash coming in from the state. The feds are also waiting for labor negotiations to end and the results of a fare study which may or may not recommend riders dish out more cash to board the bus.

“It frustrated me really bad because most people in Stockton need the bus system especially — the low income,” said Ronnie Cook who rides the bus to church.

Sherry says that paying more to ride is better than not making it to work.

“I would pay more just that they would keep it,” she said.


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