SUISUN CITY, Calif. (CBS13) – A suspect was killed after brandishing a weapon in a senior center and refusing to cooperate with authorities despite numerous requests, police said.

The Suisun City Police Department said the 55-year-old suspect walked into the Suisun City Senior Center at about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday with a gun and wearing camouflage clothing, cryptically telling employees he was “going on assignment.”

Employees asked if they could help him, but the man walked back outside.

Witnesses said the man had been to the center before but that he kept to himself and didn’t seem dangerous.

Officers surrounded the suspect outside the center and ordered him to drop the gun, according to Virginia Omega, who saw the incident unfold from her dental office window.

“The gun was pointed directly at the officers when I first saw it,” Virginia said. “Officers fired three warning shots and then he still wouldn’t put the gun down.”

Police opened fire and fatally wounded the suspect. It isn’t immediately clear how many shots were fired.

Investigators haven’t released the suspect’s identity pending notification of his family.

Comments (11)
  1. Stupid People says:

    Why can’t the police aim for the leg???? Why do they always have to kill???? Shoot them in the leg…. That’s enough to bring anybody down to the ground…

    We will find out that this was just an old man, showing off his gun from his service days and some one over reacted and called the police, and then the police over reacted and then killed the man…..

    So, in a way, the person who called the police in the first place is also to blame for the mans death…..

    Hope you are proud of yourself…..

    1. wow says:

      Seriously? Absolutely ridiculous… just an old man showing off his service weapon? Shoot him in the leg? You seriously are living in a fantasy world!

      Try actually shooting a gun before you open your mouth. It’s pretty tough to hit a small target like a leg, especially when someone is pointing a gun at you. If they were to hit his leg he can still shoot back.

      In your case of an old man showing off his weapon… You’re right.. The next time we see an old man waving a gun in a public place screaming he is, “on a mission” (because that’s what was reported on other news stations) we should just keep walking..


  2. Jake says:

    When my dad was a kid he would walk 2 or 3 blocks through residential neighborhoods with his shotgun on his was up to the hill to go shoot some stuff. If anyone saw him they would ask what he was doing and let him go on his way. If that happened today the kid would be shot before he could take his next step. It is a shame how the actions of so few can cause such a big impact on the lives of so many.

    1. I hear you on that one says:

      Amen to that, Jake…..

    2. Nonsese says:

      This is the featured comment?? Seriously?? And the question is simply unreal– “Are we to uptight about guns?”

      Are the moderators of this site serious??

      This had nothing to do with being uptight about guns- it had everything to do with not following the directions of a law enforcement officer..

      1. Jake says:

        I am not really sure why they chose my comment to ask why people are too uptight about guns… That is a very vague and useless question and one that should be asked on a gun legislation article not one where police were forced to shoot and kill a man. I was simply trying to say that some people choose to do very stupid things with guns and it has forced the general public to be extremely cautious whenever a firearm is present. People are not wrong to be cautious around firearms because too many people do not use them properly and show the weapon the respect it deserves. All I was trying to say was it was a different time and a different world.

  3. Zzzzz says:

    Drop your weapon means just that! Any questions?

  4. Concerned says:

    Based on these comments, Zzzzzzz excluded, it is obvious there is an extreme departure from reality. It is obvious none of you were there, and it is obvious from the comments by Mace and Stupid People that you were not present at the scene. It is interesting that the benefit of the doubt immediately goes to the suspect, officer be damned.

    I was present, and I can tell you that the officer displayed extreme restraint, far more than I would have in this situation. The man was told numerous times to drop his weapon and was given ample opportunity to do so, he made a poor decision and as a result the officers were left with no choice but to ensure their safety. As far as the comment regarding an arm or leg shot? This is not Hollywood, you aim center mass and when you pull that trigger you have one goal- eliminate the threat. You do not aim for a small target such as the weapon, the hand, arm, or the leg; you do not present the opportunity for failure through a missed shot or an incomplete one which provides the suspect the chance to respond with return fire. There is no take two!

    As far as the story about the father walking with his shotgun- well, why don’t you ask him what he would do if a law enforcement officer told him to drop his weapon? I bet he would, there would be no shooting, the officer would question him and he would be on his merry way, most likely what would have happened in this case.

    Bottom line, this is a very sad event, one that could have been prevented- by 1 and only 1 person, the man holding the weapon. Let’s give a little credit to our law enforcement officers who place their lives on the line every day so we can walk the streets. They do a job, one in which every day may be their last.

    1. jbizzle says:

      well see if its your dad your uncle next time if they should shoot his leg or end his life buddy

      1. Concerned says:

        If my dad, uncle or anyone else in my family is waiving a weapon around and doesn’t comply with the instructions of law enforcemen I will hold them accountable for the outcome, not the officer.

    2. redneckwriter says:

      Thank the maker that there are sane people like you and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in the world. It makes me think that we might have a chance.

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