Did Steroids Enhance Charlie Sheen’s Acting?

By Frank Luna

At the risk of perpetuating “Sheen talk”, I had to chuckle today at the notion that Charlie Sheen needed to take steroids to increase the speed of his fastball while shooting the movie Major League. Really? Wouldn’t that all be fixed in post anyway?

The accusation reminded me of the commercial with Alec Baldwin moving through an airport, getting in the way of airport personnel as he’s pitching whatever it was. In the final shot he’s sitting in the cockpit of an airplane next to the pilot when he reaches out for the controls. As the pilot tries to stop him, Baldwin says, “It’s okay, I’ve played a pilot in a movie.”

I can’t help but think that Sheen’s use of steroids was more a product of an addictive personality than striving to perfect the role of a pitcher that throws “just a bit outside”.

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  • Larry

    I think this is a subject that is going to become more and more newsworthy as more athletes’ and celebrities’ extreme behaviors lead back to their misuse of these drugs. I read an article at roid-rage.org/articles/learn-roids-rage/ that gave a list of behaviors believed to be caused by steroid misuse. Scary!

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