By CBS Sacramento Staff

ANTELOPE LAKE, Calif. (CBS13) – A man has been arrested for attempted murder after shooting at a number of subjects he believed were robbing his home, authorities said.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Department said Gregory Wallen-Reed, a Reno resident, reported a number of unknown people attempting to steal solar lights from his driveway late Saturday night.

When the unidentified subjects fled the scene in a blue sedan, Wallen-Reed gave chase in his own vehicle, deputies said.

Wallen-Reed told authorities one of the occupants of the blue sedan opened fire at him, and he returned fire, striking at least three of the occupants and causing the sedan to crash on the Janesville grade to Antelope Lake.

One occupant was shot in the head and hand and was airlifted to a Reno hospital for treatment. Another wounded subject was airlifted to a Chico hospital, and a third occupant who was moderately wounded by gunfire was treated at a Quincy hospital and released.

In a press release, the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office said three other subjects were treated and released at the scene of the crash.

Wallen-Reed was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, shooting into an occupied vehicle and attempted murder and is being held on $500,000 bail at the Plumas County Jail.

The subjects in the blue sedan have not been identified.  It is unclear whether the subjects are being investigated in connection with a crime.

The conditions of the hospitalized subjects has not been released.

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  1. steve says:

    Thanks coyote , I am a supporter of gun rights here and it is just plan dumb stuff like this that makes good responsible people have a tough time with CCW laws and other gun laws , this guy was an idiot for chasing someone that was not planning on harming anyone and using lethal force to recover 100 bucks worth of lights taken on a darn or for some other reason , I live very close to where this is and trust me people , there is much more valuable property that could be taken and this is very very remote

    1. Mace says:

      Careful what u ask for LOL, GOD hears all requests, sometimes he grants them LOL! So if your gunned down for no apparent reason, just remember u were a supporter of gun rights LOL

      1. Snarf says:

        What a Mope!

        How about this one: God helps those who help themselves.

        You’re either a gun owner, or a victim.

        If random gutless gun-toting thugs, have even an inkling that you MIGHT be packing…odds are these GUTLESS wimps would want no part of you.

        When Chicago illegally banned gun ownership within the city, until the US Supreme Court overturned their misdirected decision…for the years the ban was in effect, gun crime and violent crimes went UP! In fact, this was a major component that the Supreme Court cited in overturning it – Chicago’s original argument that banning guns would cause gun crime and violent crime to go DOWN…just never happened.

        Remember, when they say “if you outlaw guns, only OUTLAWS will have them”…is not just some trite saying. Criminals by definition aren’t going to follow the law anyway, and then they get the warm and fuzzy feeling that most of their law-abiding potential victims, are UNARMED!

        Wake up, slick!

  2. me says:

    I’m sorry, But I’m sick and tired of hearing about how even the littliest crimes are being committed and the law backs the crimial. I feel its time we took back our streets, and our neighborhoods. How many gang bangers roam our streets at night or even during the day without fear of the law? This is so getting out of hand. Are we living in a police state? I think its ” We the people” Not ” We the State” Let this man be free, he was only doing his job to protect his and maybe his neighbors.

    1. Mace says:

      LOL I can not wait until ur put in this position….Since ur so bad, lets see what u do!!!

  3. Tom says:

    What an eye-opener. I can’t believe that some of you would kill over solar powered driveway lights.
    Even if that were acceptable, there could have been people in that car that wanted no part of it and you would have killed them too.

  4. oldfart says:

    dude should have let it go & took their license plate & called it in. I just got burgalirized I had my 9 month prego wife call cops while I checked the house lucky they where gone even that was stupid. We should have all waited at the curb for the cops. Its not worth dieing 4 or killing someone for something that can b replaced

  5. alex says:

    Guess I’m on the fence on this one. Yea it was stupid to chase them down and have the gunfight at the ok corral, cause an innocent person could have been injured or killed, yet I too am sick of theives who are raised on welfare, are not taught any values or respect and with the laws that you cannot whoop your childs butt to correct a are out of control. Too bad good tax payer money is footing the hospital bill cause the little theif needed to just die.

  6. chelsi says:

    Anyone who thinks this guy should get off easy, is an IDIOT! Yeah sure, they may have been on his property ‘stealing’ his light bulbs, but they were NOT harming the man himself, or any of his surrounding neighbors either. This guy is a disgusting individual that deserves to sit in prison for the rest of his life. He was stupid for chasing them down the street.. what was his plans once he caught them anyways? Was he going to fight them? ALL FIVE or SIX grown men against one. That was stupid. Obviously he was chasing them with the intentions of hurting them, or even Killing them! If he had a clear veiw of the car they were in he should of called the cops and they would of taken care of it themselves. He’s better off being locked up anyways, because the moment he steps foot out side as a free man, he will be killed, by all of those other mens loved ones.

  7. zone says:

    Criminals rely on the assumption their victims be law abiding.

  8. slobo says:

    If you shoot someone…kill them…leave no winess to testify against you…that way it’s your word against the cops…and cops are notorious liers…

  9. gil says:

    To bad all three did not get hit in the head while in the driveway. The surviving criminals still need to be charged with a crime even though they were chased from the scene. And, if they did shoot at Wallen, they got what they diserved.

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