RIO LINDA (CBS13) — A Rio Linda woman was reunited with her dog today after thieves stole the animal from her home.

Brandee Dorado says burglars broke into her car and used the garage door opener to get inside.

“My main concern is I don’t know what they are going to do with her,” said Brandee.

Brandee became a homeowner two weeks ago.

“You think it’s just the perfect…white picket fence and everything,” said Brandee.

All of that changed this morning when thieves targeted her house.

“I don’t feel safe here anymore,” said Brandee.

She was asleep when the burglars smashed out her car window, grabbed her purse and used her garage door opener to get into her home. They stopped at the garage — the same place her three dogs sleep.

“They stole Luna,” said Brandee.

Her other dogs were there, but she believes the thieves took Luna.

“My biggest concern is that they are mistreating her or that they just picked her up and thought she’d be a good dog to fight because she’s a pitbull and they are just going to trade her for something,” said Brandee.

She called the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, but they told her to file a report online so she posted flyers and handed them out at stores.

Then the phone rang, and it was good news. Katie Cooper found Luna in her front yard. She saw the signs and returned Luna to her rightful owner.

“We really appreciate you guys bringing her back. Just thank you so much, thank you,” said Brandee. “It’s great. It makes me want to cry.”

Now Brandee has something to celebrate on this fourth of July with her best friend by her side.

“Just to know that she is back home, it feels great; it feels amazing,” said Brandee.

Brandee says that while she’s ecstatic to have Luna back, she’s still concerned that the sheriff’s department told her they couldn’t take a report at her house. She’d like to see deputies respond to all home burglaries in the future.

For now, Luna will be sleeping in the house instead of the garage. She will also be getting chipped later this week.

Comments (7)
  1. Iffaffer says:

    I’m glad she got her pooch back. Hopefully she also learned not to keep anything of value in her car. Had her purse not been in there she may not have become the victim.

  2. garage is for cars not pets says:

    Who in the hell leaves an animal in the garage?!?! When it’s cold out, my garage is freezing. When it’s hot out, my garage is sweltering. What an evil person. Too bad she got Luna back!

    1. Sarah says:

      Actually, a garage is fine for dogs. Maybe yours isn’t, but that one is. My family’s garage is probably warmer than their house in the winter and is definitely cooler in the summer. Before you judge someone on where they keep their dog at night, shut your mouth and think. Many people who keep their dogs in the house at night are giving their dogs much worse care than this woman is. If I were a dog, I’d rather have to sleep in a garage than be living on the street, used for dog fighting, or living out my life in a shelter and likely end up dead.

      That dog is very healthy and happy. I keep my dog in a crate at night. My dog is still healthy, happy, and very much loved. Do you judge me a bad dog owner for that?

    2. Brandee Dorado says:

      HMMM actually if you paid attention to the article you would know that Luna is not left in the garage during the DAY and sleeps in there at NIGHT. If i was an evil person then i would not of spent MY fourth of july in the HEAT going to every fire work stand in Rio Linda stopping people on the street to look for MY dog!! and obviously would not of called CBS for help! there are many careless animal owners who leave there dogs in direct sun light and tied up under trees and let me tell you i am not one of them!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Joe –
    And what makes her “white trash”? Because she lives in Rio Linda? Not everyone that lives there is so-called white trash. There are plenty of nice people that do take care of their property and animals. Judgemental much?

  4. Brandee Dorado says:

    I am the owner of this dog. first of all im not white trash we just moved into rio linda, look at my last name you idiot.second of all we do not leave luna in the garage during the day! i am not an idiot! they sleep in the garage at night and roam FREE and unleashed during the day in our HIGHLY shaded back yard.My purse was left in my car by mistake and was the first and last time. so JOE which sounds like a complete white trash name to me you shouldnt judge peolple. To all the others thank you for the support and i am very lucky to have my dog back

  5. Katie says:

    O my gosh im sure this cbs news page is not for talking bad to people. I am the person that found the dog. The owner is a very sweet person who takes damn good care of her dogs. Luna was so happy to be home, Accidents happen. If you have to talk bad about someone on a news page that you dnt even know you must not have a life of your own.
    hugs and kisses luna

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