COLUSA (CBS13) — A freak accident turned into tragedy at a local church after 7-year-old girl was killed from a television falling on top of her.

The accident happened right in front of the little girl’s brothers and sisters. The children had gone to the Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Colusa around 1 p.m. Tuesday with their mother.

The victim, who goes to school at the church, was in the conference room when she and her brother moved a TV stand that had a large TV on it.

The TV fell off the stand and hit her on the head, knocking her unconscious, according to the Colusa County Sheriff’s Dept.

When paramedics arrived, they found the girl on the floor with severe head trauma. The child was taken to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Her mother was not in the room when the accident happened.

Parishioners said the family was a big part of the tight-knit congregation, and that the mother volunteers regularly at the church. The children’s father is said to be a well-known doctor.

The identity of the little girl has not yet been released.

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  1. Mike W. says:

    My condolences to the family.

  2. Theresa Nilsson says:

    How sad:( My prayers are with her family.

  3. Ralph says:

    How sad, that that incident became so deadly.

  4. WisenCynical says:

    I miss the days when the paramedics arrived and stories like this ended well. She obviously died in the back of the van. Irritates me!! Where is Squad 51 when you need them! Sincere condolences .. we have a 4 year old, and this is the nightmare of every parent!

  5. savannah says:

    my prayers for the family…. and her brother, that will effect him forever… god please be there for all of them…

  6. Kim says:

    Such a terrible thing. My prayers for the family in this difficult time. Hang on to your faith, you will see her again.

  7. Reality says:

    My sincere condolences to the family as well.


    With that said, what is up with the others here talking about “prayer” and “God” when this girl tragically died in a CHURCH? Where was God then?

    1) Let’s stop and look at prayer for a minute which is done by the vast, vast majority of believers. The facts are that numerous studies have been done by some of the world’s most prestigious groups (Mayo Clinic, Duke University Medical Center, Harvard, American Heart Association, etc) that show that prayer clearly does NOT work. If you think otherwise, then I suppose you must be more educated than they are (and places like the Mayo Clinic has strong religious affiliations with one of their main hospitals named St. Mary’s).

    If prayer really works: How many amputees has God/Jesus miraculously cured? There are so many “miracles” that happen, yet it is amazing how not one amputee has spontaneously regenerated a limb. I guess God hates amputees.

    The Bible says you if two or more of you pray to God, your requests WILL be answered without question. My friend and I just prayed for instantaneous world peace… yet “amazingly” it didn’t happen. After all, the graveyards are full of devout Christians who prayed to God for good health.


    2) Isn’t it ironic how Jesus was a carpenter, yet NEVER built a single structure known as a church, never regularly went to church himself, didn’t tell others to attend church and yet all the Christians who claim to know him go running off to church? After all Jesus does say to pray ALONE in SECRET in your room.

    From Matthew: “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have RECEIVED THEIR REWARD IN FULL. But when you pray, GO INTO YOUR ROOM, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees WHAT IS DONE IN SECRET, will reward you.”

    But hey, why would Christians actually want to listen to the words of their own Savior?

    And don’t shoot the messenger, I’m simply reporting the facts.


    In any event, best wishes to this girl’s family.


    1. ep tor says:

      What Nonsense. This was just a sad accident. Actually, quite a few kids get injured or killed by falling TVs. The heavy TV makes the cabinet top heavy and prone to tipping over.

      1. Reality says:

        ep tor: “What Nonsense.”

        What’s nonsense? Be specific. Is it nonsense that you don’t believe what some of the most prestigious institutions on the planet have to say or is it nonsense what Jesus has to say? Both are based in fact and I’m merely reporting them in the statement above.


        “This was just a sad accident. Actually, quite a few kids get injured or killed by falling TVs. The heavy TV makes the cabinet top heavy and prone to tipping over.”

        I never said otherwise. If God is omnipotent, then he allowed all of those kids to perish.


    2. loudmouth says:

      Reality: you talk too much

    3. DrewD says:

      That was a fun read! Thank you!!! Personally I believe there is much more evidence of aliens having been here for over a billion years. Pretty sure “god” is an alien.

    4. Mort Caniff says:

      Hi Reality! Please email me at parlemort at gmail. We can compare notes. : )

  8. william says:

    Realoty, the last thing the family needs now is a lecture on prayer, you are a piece of work, I child has tragically died, and you take the opportunity to get on your anti-prayer soapbox, you are digusting!!!!!!!, I am as religious as the next person, but this is a tragic accident, and I cant impagine what the family must be going through. If you cant say something supprotive to them , DONT POST
    OK, REALITY, you are dismissed

    1. Mort Caniff says:

      I hardly think that the parents of this child are here reading the comments. So you christians think it’s okay to visit tragic news stories and force your “prayers” on those of us who don’t believe, yet you find it offensive if one of us speaks up? Why don’t you answer Reality’s question, William? Why does your “miraculous” god never regenerate lost limbs? Here’s why: he doesn’t exist. Good day.

      1. william says:

        mort caniff, you missed my whole point, this is not a forum on prayer, or whether you or i think its useful, I was offering condolences to the family who lost a loved one, and trying to support them, I am not going to choose this forum to debate religious points with people who all they can do is run things down, i have always been of the belief, that if you want to believe in a superior being, fine, if you dont, its no skin off of my nose, thats why we live in america, we have freedom to choose, i choose to believe, if you dont, more power to you

      2. Reality says:

        william writes: “mort caniff, you missed my whole point, this is not a forum on prayer, or whether you or i think its useful”

        So then why didn’t you get on the case of the other people on here who are pro-prayer? Yep, that’s what I thought. It is OK when people are pro-prayer, just not when the realities of prayer are discussed.


        “I was offering condolences to the family who lost a loved one”

        So did I… at the beginning of my post AND at the end of my post.


        “I am not going to choose this forum to debate religious points”

        Of course not because you know the Bible can’t hold up to basic logic.


        “f you want to believe in a superior being, fine, if you dont, its no skin off of my nose, thats why we live in america, we have freedom to choose, i choose to believe, if you dont, more power to you”

        We also have freedom of speech to debate items such as this.


      3. Reality says:

        Good post Mort.

        In case you were interested in more regarding the amputee concept, there is actually an entire website devoted to this where they produce short videos on various topics along with a ton of text. While I don’t agree with 100% of it, I’d say 95% or so is on target.

        Moreover, even though you mentioned the question to WIlliam again, notice how he “conveniently” avoided it. That’s how people continue to “justify” their belief schemas, by focusing on the points that make sense to them and either ignoring or coming up with some insane justification with regard to points that make no sense. They have done this for SO long, many don’t even consciously realize they are doing it.


    2. Reality says:

      william writes: “Realoty, the last thing the family needs now is a lecture on prayer, you are a piece of work,”

      It’s not a “lecture” on prayer, but the reality of it. Moreover, I think the family probably has better things to do besides scouring the internet to find this one particular message board post.

      With that said, if someone had “lectured” her about the absurdity of organized religion years ago and the mother would have listened, then they never would have been at the church in the first place and thus the girl wouldn’t have had this particular scenario happen to her.


      “I child has tragically died”

      I believe I already said that.


      “and you take the opportunity to get on your anti-prayer soapbox”

      Other people here took the opportunity to hop on their pro-prayer soapbox.


      “you are digusting!!!!!!!”

      “Digusting” isn’t even a word. But yes, I am disgusting for stating facts.


      “this is a tragic accident”

      Once again, I already said this.


      “and I cant impagine what the family must be going through.”

      I’m sure it isn’t pleasant.

      However, if we want to look at their “faith,” then this family should be celebrating and throwing a party since their daughter supposedly got taken by God to a better place. Yet of course, we know there will be mourning, not celebration.

      In fact, even the Pope himself doesn’t really believe what he claims he believes in terms of God and Heaven.

      In the case of the Pope, he supposedly has Apostolic succession, so surely God has his eye on the Pope watching over him. Yet the Pope also knows this is hogwash as well and that is why he sports kevlar and bulletproof glass.

      The Pope is supposed to be trusting that God will take care of him, so why does the Pope, of all people, need bulletproof glass when he supposedly has a “bodyguard” (God) that makes Kevin Costner taking care of Whitney Houston look like Mini Me taking care of Shaq? It is also likely that he wears kevlar protection under his vestments.

      I mean, where’s the faith? How hypocritical is it that the man who is in charge of an entire religion who preaches that God will take care of you, doesn’t even trust that God will protect him?

      Even if he is killed by a bullet, wouldn’t that then be “God’s will?” Who is the Pope to try and alter God’s will? If God wants him to live, surely God can just change the path of the bullet in mid-flight. Besides, if the Pope is indeed killed, he should be ecstatic to get to “a better place” in Heaven. Based on him riding around in the Popemobile, I’d question how certain he is of that as well.

      What’s next? Is the Pope going to start sporting a white kevlar Bible to use as a shield? LOL

      Now many of you will say, “God created the scientists who created kevlar and bulletproof glass, so the Pope would be stupid not to use them.” Yes indeed, it is amazing how Christians can pick and choose which parts of science they use. If that argument were indeed true, then God also created the science of euthanasia, abortion, stem cell research, growing human organs in petri dishes, transplanting animal parts into humans, human cloning, etc, etc, etc. Yet when it comes to those topics, then they twist and turn that story a million different ways to then try and “justify” something else.

      The realities are that people “cherry pick” items like that just as much as they “cherry pick” what parts of the Bible to believe and which parts to ignore and which parts to give their own “special interpretation” to.

      With regard to the Pope, if he is wearing kevlar and God wants him dead, then God has the bullet hit his head or neck area. So God decides regardless. Thus, why wear it since God is watching over him? If God wants him to live, then he’ll live and if God wants him to die, he’ll die regardless of whether he is behind bulletproof glass or wearing kevlar. The reason why he wears it is because the Pope realizes deep down inside that God will not protect him. Did God give Moses bulletproof glass and kevlar? But in the end, a “kind God” allows the Pope to live because of all the wonderful things the Catholic Church and the Pope have done to assist in the ra-pe children around the world and then cover it up for decades.


      “If you cant say something supprotive to them , DONT POST”

      This is a free country. And once again, don’t act like I am talking to “them” because they are almost certainly not here.


      “OK, REALITY, you are dismissed”

      I’m sure you dismiss reality on a regular basis.


      1. Mort Caniff says:

        Fantastic! I’ll be borrowing your words, Reality. Send me an email at parlemort at gmail so we can compare notes. It is our moral imperative to post counterpoint to unsolicited religious comments. : )

  9. Sam Skwirl says:

    OMG Reality! A+++ on the prayer monologue… you took the words right out of my mouth.

    Oh Sorry about the dead kid… I will reconsider sitting so close to my tv like my parents warned me.

    1. Reality says:

      Thanks Sam!

    2. DrewD says:

      LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! That was great!

  10. Jamey says:

    Please refrain from passing judgement before the investigation is complete. We do not know if there is any negligence involved here on anyone’s part or if the children were simply unsupervised and playing around with things they shouldn’t have.

  11. Mort Caniff says:

    There is no heaven,
    There is no hell,
    There is no god,
    I wish this family well.

  12. Judy Simmons says:

    God loans us these children…they are not ours but His. He sees the BIG picture and we see only a milisecond of fraction of the picture. God calls His children home when it is their time (young and old). He uses things that Satan intends for evil to bring about good. You don’t have to believe (though I personally would rather live as if there is one and there not be than to live as if there isn’t one and there is…) but there are a lot of unneeded, hurtful comments and even if you THINK the parents aren’t reading these…you don’t KNOW and there are family members that are.
    Very sad this has happened and the loss will be enourmous and take time to heal. God give strength and wisdom, comfort and grace…

    1. Mort Caniff says:

      When your god “calls his children home” why must he do it so painfully and horribly? Why can’t your god take the innocent children while they’re peacefully sleeping? I would rather spend an eternity in a hell place than even one moment in a heaven place with a god who allows babies to die horribly and painfully. Please let the children develop mature brains before forcing your buybull on them. Good day.

      1. Reality says:

        Mort Caniff writes: “When your god “calls his children home” why must he do it so painfully and horribly? Why can’t your god take the innocent children while they’re peacefully sleeping?”

        Exactly! If God is omnipotent, this should be no problem for him.

        In fact, the Christians in this country love to see people suffer before they die which is PRECISELY why euthanasia/physician assisted suicide is still illegal in the vast majority of states. In the three states where it is legal, those states all rank in the lowest 1/4 of states in terms of church attendance per capita. It is nice to know that there are at least three states with compassionate people (and of course those states with compassion have fewer religious people in them).

        The following is an article I wrote elsewhere on the topic:

        Let’s talk about death and your right (or lack thereof) to it. I find the concept appalling that we in America have more empathy for our own pets’ pain levels than we do for our own fellow humans.

        Think about it, when your dog or cat gets too old, we say it is the “humane” thing to do by putting them “to sleep.” How can we as a society possibly allow our pets not to suffer, but force our elders to suffer immense pain and humiliate them? The irony of taking your pets to a “Humane” Society to put them to sleep is mind-boggling.

        We can say, “Fido is in a lot of pain. It is wrong to let him suffer any longer. Let’s do the right thing and put him to sleep.” That is 100% perfectly acceptable. In contrast, what if someone said, “Great Grandpa has terminal cancer. He can’t eat, he vomits from the morphine and he is in unimaginable pain. He told me he doesn’t want to be alive any longer. Let’s do the right thing and honor his wishes and let him rest in peace by euthanizing him.” In that case, we would be looked down upon by society as cold-hearted killers.

        However, if we said, “The doctors think Great Grandpa can only live 6 more months. Let’s hope he pas-ses away quickly so he is not in pain anymore.” then that would be completely acceptable. Thus, we as a society deem it OK to let a human being suffer when there is absolutely no hope, but it is OK to put a flea-infested pet to sleep if it is dying.

        They put a man like Jack Kevorkian in prison for EIGHT YEARS for helping a human being die humanely?!? So it would have been alright if Dr. Jack never showed up and the sick person took a gun and shot himself in the head, but it is not OK for Jack to put them to sleep in a peaceful manner??? It’s absurd.

        If I had a disease that I knew was 100% incurable and that was going to be immensely painful, hell yes I’d kill myself. I’d much rather have a trained professional do it so I would feel the least amount of pain possible. That is a lot better than me standing on top of a building and shooting myself in the head so that I fall off backward to the pavement below just in case the bullet doesn’t do the job correctly.

        To deprive an American of the right to a honorable death is ridiculous.

        In many other cultures, the right to die is an honor. This ranges from the whacko suicide bombers to Christian martyrs to the Kamikaze and so on and so forth. Even our own highest military honor (Medal of Honor) has been awarded posthumously to every single recipient after Vietnam (except for one medal that Obama recently awarded). So death can have honor to it.

        Here in America, the only places that one can die with honor is at your local veterinarian (if you are anything but human) or in a place like Oregon. Ironically, the reason you can have this done in Oregon is thanks to an item called the Oregon Death with Dignity Act. Not only did they get the concept right, but also the name. The compassionate people of Oregon pas-sed this with a narrow 51.3% of the vote. It was attempted to be overturned 3 years later, but that measure was voted down by 60% of the voters. The Bush Administration challenged the law and the Supreme Court upheld the rights of Oregonians by a 6-3 decision.

        As of 2007, 341 human beings were able to die with their dignity intact thanks to the people of Oregon.

        The Christian Right is dominating policy in this country based on a 2K year old book written by uneducated men, many of whom would have believed the Earth to be flat. If someone wants to die, that is their business, not the Christians. It is time to make euthanasia and physician assisted suicide legal at a federal level.


    2. Reality says:

      Judy Simmons writes: “God loans us these children…they are not ours but His.”

      Ugh… I’ll tell you what… go give birth to a child, then leave it sit in the spot you birthed it at and don’t do anything else to it. Since it is supposedly “God’s child,” then surely he’ll provide food for it, change their diapers, burp it, clothe it, bathe it, etc.

      If you did that, the baby would die. Why? Because it is YOUR child. You are not some glorified babysitter for God.


      “He sees the BIG picture and we see only a milisecond of fraction of the picture.”

      So having children getting raped by countless churches is part of his big picture? Having children die via TV’s falling on their heads is part of his big picture? Having children starve to death or die of AIDS in Ethiopia is part of his big picture? How nice of him.


      “God calls His children home when it is their time (young and old).”

      So then this mother who just lost her child should be throwing a giant party! After all, her child gets to go “home!” They should party as if she just graduated from Harvard. But now she won’t graduate from Harvard because God decided to end her life with a giant TV and traumatizing her brother for the rest of his life. How nice of him.


      “He uses things that Satan intends for evil to bring about good.”

      Let’s learn some facts about the Biblical Satan:

      According to the Bible itself, God killed FAR more people than the “evil” Satan. Most people are shocked to learn about how many people the devil actually killed. In the Bible, the number of SPECIFIC references to the number of people that God killed is in excess of 2.3 Million.

      None of that even accounts for abstract events such as “the flood,” then that number is likely in excess of 30 Million people.

      And how many people has the devil killed? The answer is 10. Not 10 Million, not 10 Thousand, but rather 10. ….. That’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

      Even more ironic is that the 10 people that he killed were in a “bet” of sorts with God with regard to Job and his family, so God was directly implicated in those as well.

      So looking at the final specific tally that is most favorable to God, it is:

      God Killed: 2,300,000+
      Satan Killed: 10

      Don’t shoot the messenger… I’m only reporting what the Bible says.

      If Satan REALLY wanted to control the people on this planet, then Satan would have written the Bible (and other various religious texts) himself and gained control of all the major religions. And no matter how hard people try, they CAN NOT say that Satan didn’t write the Bible because they weren’t there. Thus, they might be believing in a book written by the Devil himself… especially considering how many people the Bible COMMANDS it’s believers to kill.


      “You don’t have to believe (though I personally would rather live as if there is one and there not be than to live as if there isn’t one and there is…) but there are a lot of unneeded, hurtful comments”

      Sorry, but sometimes the truth hurts. This is precisely why people have interventions for alcoholics… they don’t want to accept the truth about their behaviors because it is painful. The same is true in this instance where people are simply afraid to face reality due to all of the brainwashing religion has done to them. I know because I was a devout believer for many years. Life is MUCH better without the fear and guilt of organized religion.

      But let me ask: How many times have you attended a Mormon Temple? What about a Muslim Mosque? What about a Hindu Temple? What about a Jewish Synagogue? How can anyone possibly know for certain that you’ve found the “right” religion while not experiencing the others that millions upon millions of others find to be their salvation? If you haven’t, then you are the person that sits there and insists that Pepsi tastes better than Coke, but you have only tried the Pepsi and never the Coke. Yet, you will be steadfast in your belief that Pepsi is better despite having no conclusive first hand experience to prove otherwise. Thus, the ENTIRE argument is invalid.

      When you come to the realization that if you were born in Iran that you would have the EXACT same zeal for Muhammad and Allah that you do for Jesus and God, then that will be a big awakening for you. If you were born in India, you’d have the same zeal for Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma that have for Jesus/God. If you were born in Tibet, you would have the same zeal for Buddha that you have for Jesus/God. So what does that say about the book Christians worship (when they wouldn’t have worshiped it based solely on geographic location of birth and religion of their parents)?

      To deny it is to deny the truth. After all, the Truth Shall Set You Free…


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