The third graders in Miss Tseng’s class at Glenwood Elementary say when they go home, they’ve got chores.

“I have to dust my mommy’s room,” said one student.

I give them my motorized Go-Duster which claims it will change that.

We take the Go-Duster out of the box. It seems the Go-Duster comes with dust which ends up on Miss Tseng’s skirt.

After putting in four double “A” batteries, we send Ashley on a dust hunt. Then we spray on the special solution. You just press the button on the Go-Duster, and it spins.

Just like that the dust is gone!

“It’s really fast and really fun,” said Ashley.

Unique finds some dust on a storage container. She likes it.

“It makes dusting more easier, and you don’t have to move your arm a lot,” said Unique.

We give Bobby the small attachment which is supposed to work on keyboards and dusty blinds. Each kid gives it a try.

“It cleans really fast,” said Bobby.

But what about those nooks and crannies? We find some dust in the slats of a crate, so we slide in our Go-Duster.

In the end what do our third graders want you to know?

“It cleans very well, “said a student.

When you’re done the company claims you just wash the duster in the sink and let it dry. The fibers will lose luster over time. You can order a replacement kit for $9.99.

The Go-Duster was $19.95 plus shipping and handling when I bought it online.
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