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Buy it and try it

The third graders in Miss Tseng’s class at Glenwood Elementary say when they go home, they’ve got chores.

“I have to dust my mommy’s room,” said one student.

I give them my motorized Go-Duster which claims it will change that.

We take the Go-Duster out of the box. It seems the Go-Duster comes with dust which ends up on Miss Tseng’s skirt.

After putting in four double “A” batteries, we send Ashley on a dust hunt. Then we spray on the special solution. You just press the button on the Go-Duster, and it spins.

Just like that the dust is gone!

“It’s really fast and really fun,” said Ashley.

Unique finds some dust on a storage container. She likes it.

“It makes dusting more easier, and you don’t have to move your arm a lot,” said Unique.

We give Bobby the small attachment which is supposed to work on keyboards and dusty blinds. Each kid gives it a try.

“It cleans really fast,” said Bobby.

But what about those nooks and crannies? We find some dust in the slats of a crate, so we slide in our Go-Duster.

In the end what do our third graders want you to know?

“It cleans very well, “said a student.

When you’re done the company claims you just wash the duster in the sink and let it dry. The fibers will lose luster over time. You can order a replacement kit for $9.99.

The Go-Duster was $19.95 plus shipping and handling when I bought it online.
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